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Subject Code :PXG,Madras University Question Paper,Subject :PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRIAL

Madras University Question Paper
Subject Code :PXG
OCTOBER 2011 U/ID 5212/PXG
Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks
PART A — (10 × 3 = 30 marks)
Answer ALL the questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
1. (a) What is the necessity of having separate
department for personnel function?
 (b) What are the problems in interview?
 (c) Differentiate training from development.
 (d) What are the activities of career
 (e) What are the types of fringe benefits?
 (f) What do you mean by industrial relations?
 (g) How do you make collective bargaining more
 (h) What are the objectives of Workers’
Participation in Management?
 (i) What are the causes of indiscipline?
 (j) Define lockout.
PART B — (5 × 6 = 30 marks)
Answer any FIVE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
2. How would you organise human resource
department? Discuss.
3. What are the phases in induction process?
4. Describe the importance of Industrial relations.
5. What are the characteristics of collective
6. Explain the importance of Workers’ Participation
in Management.
7. Describe the procedure of disciplinary action.
8. What are the factors affecting wages?
PART C — (2 × 20 = 40 marks)
Answer BOTH the questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
9. (a) Describe the steps in selection process.
 (b) What are the causes of grievances?
— Explain.
 10. (a) What are the methods of performance
 (b) Describe the techniques of manpower

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