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Review of Ayurwin NutriGain and NurtiSlim Powders : Benefits and Side Effects

Are you searching for what to do to reduce your weight or to increase your weight ? Want to buy NutriGain and NurtiSlim Powers for the same ? Confused about which products will be best medicine for lose or gain weight ? You can read here the benefits and side effects of most popular Ayuwin powers called NutriGain and NurtiSlim.

As the name implies, NutriGain is for those people who are very slim. So they may want to increase their weight to have beautiful and healthy appearance. They can read the reviews of NutriGain below. At the same time, those who want to lose their weight due to overweight of their body, can read the review of NurtiSlim powers.

Review of Ayurwin NutriGain Powders:-

As we have already, if you are too slim, you can use NutriGain powder. It helps to build energy to increase your weight. This product is available in the form of granules and capsules inwhich the powers of NutriGain are. It has ingredients such as Pippali and Maricha which helps to enhance the metabolism of your body. Also it helps you to take more quantity of regular food naturally so that you can consume more energy and thus you can get natural weight over the time.

Nutrigain Ayurvedic medicine for weight gain contains several natural ingredients that are proven to be naturally weight gaining agents. Nutrigain also contains iron content ingredients like Draksha and kharjura that helps the body to gain weight. With all the ingredients Nutrigain enables to increased appetite, consumption and absorption of the nutrients required for the body.

Direction of Use : You can take one capsule in the morning after 30 minutes of taking breakfast and one at night after 30 minutes of taking your dinner. Granules can be consumed along with milk. Take 25 gms of granules mixed well with 200 ml of milk. However, it is better to consult with your nearby physician to know the better direction of use according to your body requirements.

How much it costs: The cost of buying this Nutrigain product is comparatively low and you can even purchase it online, You can get it at a price of Rs. 488 for 250 gms of Nutrigain and Rs. 895 for 500 gms Nutrigain plus granules. You can get Nutrigain capsules pack for Rs. 497, 60 capsules per pack.

Review of Ayurwin NutriSlim Powders:-

Nutrislim or Nutrislim plus are available in the market / online shop in the form of powders and capsules. As the name implies, this Nutrislim product is for those who are over-weighted. By consuming this product, you can get natural weight loss.

"Ayurwin Nutrislim Plus Powder is a combination of herb extracts that have been used as a part of ayurvedic medicine for centuries. All of these herbs are useful in reducing extra weight by eliminating the unwanted fats, providing you a slim body. 

The powder, when consumed regularly, helps maintain a healthy cholesterol level and thus proves to be beneficial for the cardiovascular system. This powder is good for individuals who are trying to lose weight without any side effects. So, if you are looking for a healthy and safe way to lose weight, and gain a toned body, Ayurwin Nutrislim Plus Powder is the product that may suit you best"

Benefits of Using of Nutrislim:
Eliminates unwanted fats stored in the body
Maintains a healthy cholesterol level
Can be used for meal replacement

At what price you can purchase Nutrislim: You can get it for Rs. 492 for capsules pack, 60 capsules per pack. Rs. 886 for Nutrislim plus powder.

Are there any side effects of using Nutrigain and NutriSlim Powders

You may doubt that whether these products produce any side effects or not ? As these products contains herbs, the company claims that there will be no side effects. However, for some persons, these products will not be suitable. So read below to know its merits and demerits.

Some Merits and Demerits of Nutrigain and NutriSlim Products:

  1. Nutrigain and NutriSlim are made up of 100% ayurvedic herbs and medicines.
  2. You do not need to do hard physical exercises to shed down for extra weight.

  1. No one knows what happens after stopping consuming these products. So only experienced persons on this can tell. However, no bad reviews like this are present so far.
  2. Pregnant and Lactating ladies must avoid consuming these products
  3. Costs are comparatively high for economically low level people.
Right! Want to purchase these products ? You can purchase it online from Amazon and other online shopping sites. Below are the links to purchase it from

Online Purchase of NutriGain from Amazon

Nutrigain Plus 60 Capsules

Ayurwin Nutrigain Plus Granules (500 Grams)

Nutrigain Plus 30 Capsules 

Online Purchase of Nutrislim from Amazon:

Nutrislim Powder 500 gm & Nutrislim Cap 60 Cap Combo Pack 

Ayurwin Nutrislim Plus 500g Powder

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  1. I'm taking nutrigain powder and capsule's both since 2 month but i didn't see any benefits .. my weight is still same .. first i thought it would be better than other products but its really fake and bad products than other .. plz don't waste your money to buy this product .

  2. I must tell you Nutrigain powder is one of the most effective weight gain powder i've taken.

    It really works like a charm and yes its a bit over-priced but its fine.

  3. Ayurwin Nutrigain works for the people who are underweight or very much thin. It's 100% natural & Safe. Being an Ayurvedic product it's doesn't have any side effects. For better results you have to take both powder & capsules together. You can contact Ayurwin's expert dietitians about the dosage & for further information

  4. Where can I get contact information of Ayurwin expert?

    1. You can visit for more information. you can call caustomercare on 8431155555 & ask them to connect to dietitians


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