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Physical Metallurgy-I Diploma 3rd Semester GTU May June 2012 Question Paper

Are you looking for GTU old question papers for Diploma III Semester ? You can here download 2012 Question Paper of Physical Metallurgy-I for Gujarat Technological University Diploma 3rd Semester Course.

Subject code: 332102 Date: 28/05/2012
Subject Name: Physical Metallurgy-I
Time: 02:30 pm – 05:00 pm Total Marks: 70
1. Attempt all questions.
2. Make suitable assumptions wherever necessary.
3. Figures to the right indicate full marks.
4. English version is considered to be Authentic

Q.1 (a) What is metallurgy? What are the divisions of metallurgy? 07
(b) Explain why metal is a engineering material? 07

Q.2 (a) Draw B.C.C, F.C.C and H.C.P metallic structures 07
(b) Define proton, electron, neutron and importance of atomic structure. 07
(b) What are the types of bonding? Explain them in detail. 07

Q.3 (a) What is solid solution? Explain and list types of solid solution. 07
(b) What is recrystallization? What are the factors affecting recrystallization temperature? 07
Q.3 (a) What is inter metallic compound? Explain it with example. 07
(b) What is cooling curve? Draw cooling curve for (I) pure metal (II) alloy 07

Q.4 (a) What is equilibrium diagram? What informations are obtained from it? 07
(b) Explain Gibb’s phase rule. 07
Q. 4 (a) Draw equilibrium diagram for two metals completely soluble in liquid state and solid state with suitable example. 07
(b) Explain lever rule with suitable example. 07

Q.5 (a) Draw Fe-Fe3C equilibrium diagram. 07
(b) What are the allotropic forms of iron? 07
Q.5 (a) Differentiate between elastic deformation and plastic deformation. 07
(b) Differentiate between slips and twins. 07

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