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M.Sc IT Puniab Technical University Computer Fundamentals May 2014 Question Papers

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Punjab Technical University 2014 Question
Roll No……………
Total No. of Questions: 13]
J-3658 [S-1514]

M.Sc. (IT) (Semester – 1st)

Time: 03 Hours                                                            Maximum Marks: 75

Instruction to Candidate:

1)    Section-A is compulsory.
2)    Attempt any Nine questions from Section-B.


Q1)                                                                                          (15 x 2 =30)

a)     What is Software?
b)    Explain digital computer.
c)     Distinguish between CPU and ALU.
d)    Describe the difference between static and dynamic memory.
e)     Briefly describe a line printer.
f)      Briefly define computer program.
g)     What is the purpose of an assembler.
h)    Write the names of two word processing software.
i)       What is the system software?
j)       What is computer network?
k)    Write the full form of (i) GUI, and (ii) WAN.
l)       Define screen saver.
m)  Explain the steps involved in saving a document in MS Word 2000.
n)    By default how are numeric data and text data aligned in MS Excel 2000?
o)    What is Internet Explorer?

(9 x 5 =45)

Q2) Draw block diagram of a digital computer. Explain the function of each unit.

Q3) Convert hexadecimal number B1C.5A9 into equivalent binary and octal numbers.

Q4) Summarize the advantages of 2’s complement representation. Express the number – 45 in 2’s complement form using 8-bit word.

Q5) What is DVD ROM? What is the difference between CD ROM and DVD ROM? What are major applications of CD ROM?

Q6) What are inputs and outputs of a compiler? Briefly explain the meaning of  object program.

Q7) What is the structure of a C program? Explain with example.

Q8) Define Internet. Explain how Internet is different from local area network.

Q9) Explain in detail Electronic Mail and File Transfer Protocol.

Q10) Describe how a new directory can be created in Windows?  What is the  difference between moving a file and copying?

Q11) Define each of the following in context of MS Word 2000
(a)  Right justification, (b) cut & paste, (c) table, (d) font, (e) bullets.

Q12) Explain the salient features of MS Excel 2000.

Q13) Write short note on the following.
(a)  Footnote in MS Word, (b) Formula in MS Excel.

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