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M.P.M. (Fourth Semester),University Of Pune Question Paper,401 : ORGANISATIONAL DEVELOPMENT AND QMS,2010 Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
M.P.M. (Fourth Semester) EXAMINATION, 2010
Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 70
N.B. :— (i) Q. No. 5 is compulsory.
(ii) Solve any 4 questions from remaining.
(iii) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
1. (a) Define Organisational Development. [3]
(b) Explain the various steps involved in Action Research Model
in OD. [12]
2. (a) Define the term Interventions. [3]
(b) Explain and elaborate the structural interventions. [12]
3. (a) Explain the OD process. [5]
(b) Elaborate the role of an OD consultant with respect to ClientConsultant
relationship. [10]
4. (a) What are the stages of Team Development ? [5]
(b) Elaborate the Socio-technical system in OD. [10]
5. Write short notes on (any two) : [10]
(a) Force-field Analysis
(b) Quality of Work-Life
(c) Self-Managed Teams
(d) Just-in-time
6. (a) Define structural Interventions. [5]
(b) Elaborate work-redesign. [10]
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