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M.P.M. (Fourth Semester),2010 Question Paper,403 : CASES IN PERSONNEL MANAGEMENT AND INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
M.P.M. (Fourth Semester) EXAMINATION, 2010
Time : Three Hours Maximum Marks : 70
N.B. :— (i) Case in Q. No. 1 is compulsory to attempt.
(ii) Attempt any one case from the remaining 2 cases in
Q. Nos. 2 and 3.
(iii) Figures to the right indicate maximum marks for that
1. Case No. 1.
The Acme People’s Bank has been operating successfully for the
past twenty five years. Experiencing a phenomenal growth in the
market, Acme decided to go in for modernization of its service facilities
on a large scale. As a part of the expansion plan, several new
members were added to the existing staff. This resulted in changing
the social composition of the bank’s employees. There were two distinct
groups viz. the old ones and the young ones working side by side.
The young ones were keen on seizing any opportunity leading to
better career prospects. Older employees looked upon the younger
ones as smart alecks, Johnny know-all, wanting to change everything
and critical of old established ways. The young ones regarded the
older guys as faddy daddies settled in their ways and dull.
As a part of modernization programme, Acme installed computers
in different sections of the bank. As the general manager put it
to the staffers–the computers would speed up the work, increase
efficiency and eliminate manual errors. Especially training programmes,
free of cost, would be arranged and would help the employees in
learning the new required skills. The employees were to be sent
for training in teams comprising in five members each. The general
manager asked for volunteers. Most of the new recruits volunteered
to make up the first few teams.
A week after the announcement was made a group of the older
employees met the general manager and expressed their dissatisfaction
over the new plans. They said they had been hired to do a particular
job, they had learnt and; mastered it, were good at it and saw
no need to change. They refused to attend any training programmes
and claimed that they had the union’s support. They reminded that
general manager of the years of dedicated service they had put
in and said that they would be quite happy to continue serving
the bank, in the same way.
The same afternoon the general manager met his assistant and
the personnel manager to discuss the matter. It was decided that
those who did not wish to go in for the training would be deployed
The next day, members of the group which had met the general
manager went on a hiccup strike ranging from ten minutes to thirty
minutes, causing disruption and delay in work and long queues of
irate customers.
Questions :
(i) Give a suitable title to the case and justify your title. [10]
(ii) How will you bridge the emotional technological gap ? [15]
(iii) Suggest strategy to overcome resistance to change by older
employees. [15]
2. Case No. 2.
Kapoor hotel is a 3-star hotel providing lodging and boarding. It
is a renowned hotel for its service. The business is good. Workers,
numbering 87 in all, are happy because Mr. Kapoor takes care of
them. There is no strike or work-stoppage for last several years.
Mr. Kapoor is now 65 and a patient of diabetes and BP. Mr. Kapoor
cannot attend day to day administration of the hotel. He then appointed
a manager. The manager could not control the situation and there
was discontent among workers. The workers approached Mr. Kapoor
and requested him to look into. But Mr. Kapoor is aged and wants
to dissociate from business activity. He then terminated the manager
and sold the hotel to Vikram group of hotels. They new owner
said he would not take old employees and recruit fresh employees.
When the workers agitated, the new owner agreed to consider
them if they apply and appear for interview and pass the test.
The workers refused this and demanded that all workers must be
taken over by the new owner. The workers staged a dharana outside
the hotel.
Questions :
(i) Give a suitable title to the case and justify your title. [10]
(ii) What would be your advice to workers ? [10]
(iii) What would be your advice to new management ? [10]
3. Case No. 3.
Pune Metals Ltd. employs 546 workers and 112 staff. Its accounts
department is headed by accounts manager who has under him a
cashier and two clerks. During annual audit of accounts the auditor
noticed 3 vouchers for purchase of stamp pads and ink showing
exorbitant amounts. The vouchers were duly passed for payment
by stores in charge and accounts manager. The amount was received
by the clerk. On further enquiries it was felt that the vouchers
were at first made for Rs. 55, Rs. 75 and Rs. 65, sanctions were
obtained from stores in charge and accounts manager and then the
figures were changed to Rs. 550, Rs. 750 and Rs. 650. The company
called the clerk and cashier and questioned them. Both of them
pleaded ignorance and said they did their duty of making the payment
according to passed voucher. The clerk was questioned as to how
he bought stamp pad and ink for such a high price to which
he replied that it was the instruction of accounts manager. The
company decided to discharge the cashier and clerk for loss of confidence.
The cashier and clerk approached the union. The union now demands
reinstatement of cashier and clerk and instead termination of accounts
Questions :
(i) Give a suitable title to the case and justify your title. [10]
(ii) How would you decided the case ? [10]
(iii) What precautions you would advice in order to avoid recurrence
of such a situation in future ? [10]
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