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MDSU B.A Psychology 2008 Question Paper (Paper B)

Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University Psychology B.A-II, B.A Psychology 2008 Question Paper Free Download

Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati University Ajmer
Question Paper
Psychology B.A-II (2008)
PSYCHOLOGY (Experimental Psychology)
Note: (i) Question No. 1 is compulsory. Attempt four other questions, selecting one question each from each of the four units, (ii) Candidates can use non-programmable calculator and statistical tables.

1. Write short answers on any 7 of the following (25-30 words): (7×2=14)
(i) Conditioned stimulus
(ii) Stimulus generalization
(iii) Extinction
(iv) Transfer of learning
(v) Forgetting due to decay
(vi) Recall method
(vii) Memory Span
(viii) Convergent thinking
(ix) Reasoning(x) Concept formation
(xi) Kurtosis
(xii) Type-I error.

2. What is learning ? Write a note on observational learning. (5,9)5,9)(4,10)(5,9)
7. Discuss the role of language in thinking. (14)

8. (a) Write down properties of Normal Probability Curve. (4)

(b) In a certain achievement test, the seventh-grade mean is 28.00 and SD is 4.80; and the eighth-grade mean is 31.60 and SD is 4.00. What per cent of the seventh grade is above the mean of eighth grade ? What per cent of the eighth grade is below the mean of the seventh grade ? (10)

9. (a) Uses of x2.

(b) From the following-table, test whether the colour of the sons’ eyes is associated with that of the fathers’:
Eye colour of sons
Not light Light Total
Eye Not light 230 148 378
colour of father
Light 151 471 622
381 619 1000 4,10

3. Differentiate between classical and operant conditioning. Discuss different factors influencing classical conditioning. (

4. What is memory ? Discuss its part process.

5. What is Retroactive inhibition ? Discuss its factors.

6. What is problem solving ? Discuss its stages. (14)
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