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Madras University Question Paper,Subject Code :UCXF,Subject :BUSINESS REGULATORY FRAMEWORK

Madras University Question Paper
Subject Code :UCXF
OCTOBER 2011 U/ID 32404/UCXF
Time : Three hours Maximum : 100 marks
SECTION A — (10 × 3 = 30 marks)
Answer any TEN questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
1. What is consideration?
2. What is bailment?
3. What are debentures?
4. Who is a managing director?
5. Define foreign exchange.
6. Who can make a complaint under the Consumer
Protection Act?
7. Define trade mark.
8. Differentiate industrial property from intellectual
9. What is copyright?
10. What are not invention writing the meaning of the
Patent Act. 1970?
11. Define computer system under the Information
Technology Act.
12. What do you know about TRIPS?
SECTION B — (5 × 6 = 30 marks)
Answer any FIVE questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
13. Differentiate fraud from misrepresentation.
14. What are the essentials of a contract of indemnity?
15. What are the features of equity shares?
16. What are the duties and rights of bailee?
17. What are the rights of consumers?
18. What are the objectives of WTO?
19. What are the duties of authorised dealers under
 20. What are the powers of company directors?
SECTION C — (2 × 20 = 40 marks)
Answer any TWO questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
21. Explain the essentials of a valid contract.
22. How are companies classified? State their
23. Discuss the functions of consumer protecting
24. Describe the structure and functions of WTO.
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