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Madras University Question Paper,MW3,2011 Question Paper,PRACTICE AND LAW OF BANKING II

Madras University Question Paper
Subject Code : MW3
MAY 2011 U/ID 1372/MW3
Time : Three hours Maximum : 60 marks
                                     1          1
SECTION A — (5 × 4 - = 22  - marks)
                                     2         2
Answer any FIVE questions.
1. Bring out the distinction between overdraft and
cash credit.
 2. Discuss in detail the significance of lien to a
3. State the precautions required to be taken by a
banker in case of advances against the security of
 4. What are documents of title to goods?
 5. Distinguish between cash flow statement and fund
flow statement.
 6. What are the objectives of KVIC?
 7. Write a short note on Technical feasibility.
 8. Explain the direct assistance provided by IDBI.
                                       1          1    
SECTION B — (3 × 12 - =  37 -  marks)
                                       2         2  
Answer any THREE questions.
9. State the precautions which must be taken by the
banker in advancing loans against (a) Book debts
and (b) Gold ornaments.
10. Explain the methods of creating charge on
industrial securities.
11. Enumerate the advantages and disadvantages of
goods as security for bank advances.
 12. What are the main functions of Small Industries
Development Organization?
13. Explain the various types of agricultural finance.
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