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LW-803 : GROWTH OF THE MODERN INDIAN LEGAL SYSTEM - II,University Of Pune Question Paper,LL. M. ( Semester - II ),2010 Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
LL. M. ( Semester - II ) Examination - 2010
(Old Course)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 60
Instructions :
(1) Attempt any four questions.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.
Q.1) What was the purpose of introducing mechanism of Law Commissions in
India ? How and to what extent have they contributed to the Codification
of Substantive Laws in India ?
Q.2) Discuss various features of Judicature Act. How did various legal concepts
evolve under Common Law and equity in India during British Period ? What
is its relevance in the present legal system ?
Q.3) How did the Law of Contract develop in England before Assumpsit and
after Assumpsit ?
Q.4) Discuss working and contribution of 3rd, 4th and 5th Law Commission
of India.
Q.5) Trace in brief the History and Development of Criminal Liability under
English Law.
Q.6) Explain and discuss emergence of the concept of Tort in England. How
did it come into application even in India ?
Q.7) Write short notes : (Any Two)
(a) Jurisdiction of Writs in India
(b) Need of Codification in India

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