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LL. M. ( Semester - III ),2010 Question Paper,LW - 915 : MERCANTILE LAW,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
LL. M. ( Semester - III ) Examination - 2010
(Old Course)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 60
Instructions :
(1) Attempt any four questions.
(2) All questions carry equal marks.
Q.1) Write a critical note on the Control over Management and Suspension of
Business during winding up of companies under the Banking Regulation
Act, 1949. Explain with relevant case law.
Q.2) Write an elaborate note on Evolution of Indian Banking Companies. Discuss
provisions regarding Supervision of Business in the Current Indian Statute.
Q.3) Write a critical comment on Establishment of an Institutional Framework
for Industrial Finance and the provisions for Rehabilitation of Sick Industrial
Q.4) Define the term Negotiable Instrument. Who can be a party to the Negotiable
Instrument ? What is the test of the Negotiable Instrument ?
Q.5) What do you mean by ‘Holder’ and ‘Holder in Due Course’ ? Discuss
various rights enjoyed by them under the Negotiable Instruments Act.
Q.6) What do you mean by ‘Presumptions’ in case of any Negotiable Instrument ?
Enlist these Presumptions with the help of examples.
Q.7) Write notes on any two of the following :
(a) Endorsement
(b) Noting and Protest
(c) Export Credit
(d) Monetary Policy
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