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KUK HUM-201 E Basic of Industrial Sociology, Economics and Management May 2006 Question Paper

Kurukshetra University KUK Question Paper
Exam Year :2006
B.Tech ECE
Basic of Industrial Sociology, Economics and Management
(HUM-201 E, MAY-2006)
Note: Attempt any five questions taking at least from each unit.

1. What is social change? Discuss the causes and process of social change.
2. Identify the factors of Social change. Discuss the effect of technology on major

UNIT-2 social institutions.
3. Critically examine the Law of variable proportions.
4. Explain the law of increasing Returns.

5. Define Management. Distinguish between Management and Administration.
6. State the objectives of training. Elaborate on the various methods of training.
7. What is Marketing Management? Discuss the scope of Marketing Management.
8. Explain the meaning and objectives of purchasing management. Discuss the purchasing procedure followed in Indian Companies.
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