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KSLU General Principles of Contract B.A LLB / BBA LLB June 2015 Question Paper

Looking for KSLU old question papers ? Given here is 1st semester 3 year LLB question paper for which exam was conducted in June 2015. It is also common for 5th semester 5 years B.A LLB, BBA LLB courses. Collect the contents of the question papers from here as text format below.

University : KSLU, Karnataka State Law University
I Semester 3 Yr. LL.B. / IV Semester 5 Year B.A.LL.B./B.B.A. LL.B.
Examination, June/July 2015
General Principles of Contract
Duration : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
Instructions : 1. Answer Q. No. 9 and any five of the remaining questions.
2. Q. No. 9 carries 20 marks and the remaining carry 16 marks each.
3. Answers should be written either in English or Kannada completely.

Q. No. 1. Define offer and acceptance and explain the rules regarding their revocation. Marks : (4×16=64)

Q. No. 2. “An agreement without consideration is void”. Comment and state exceptions.

Q. No. 3. Who are competent to contract ? Discuss the effects of minor’s agreement.

Q. No. 4. What is coercion ? Explain its effect on consent to contract with the help of decided cases.

Q. No. 5. What are agreements are said to be void ? Explain with illustrations.

Q. No. 6. Explain the grounds of impossibility of performance of contract.

Q. No. 7. Explain the provisions relating to recovery of movable and immovable property.

Q. No. 8. Write short notes on any two of the following : Marks : (2×8=16)
a) General offer
b) Reciprocal promises
c) Injunction.

Q. No. 9. Solve any two of the following : Marks : (2×10=20)
a) Prakash has agreed to sell his bike to Kiran for Rs. 20,000. However the bike is destroyed by fire before it is delivered to Kiran. Now Kiran has filed suit for breach of contract against Prakash. Decide.

b) A, a minor transdulently represents to a money lender that he is a major and executed a mortgage deed for Rs. 10,000. Can the money lender recover the money and damages for transdulent misrepresentation ?

c) ‘A’, a postman delivers a parcel at B’s house by mistake and the parcel actually belongs to ‘C’. ‘B’ refuses to return this. Discuss the liability of ‘A’ and ‘B’.

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