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Informatics Skills: Kannur University Question 2011 Question Paper

Are you searching Kannur University Question Papers? Here You can find Informatics Skills Question Paper.
IV Semester B.A./B.Sc./B.Com./B.B.A./B.B.A.T.T.M./B.B.M./B.C.A./B.S.W. (CCSS-Regular) Degree Examination, March 2011
(Core Course)
4B07 COM: Informatics Skills
Time: 3 Hours     Max.Weightage: 20
 Max. WGP: 80

This part consist of two bunches of questions carrying equal weightage one. Each bunch consists of four objective type questions. Answer all questions:
A. 1) _________ provides services to other computing systems called clients over network.
a) Work station
b) Server
c) Modem
d) LAN

2) ______ is a type of Direct Data Entry using light scanning technique used to produce light dark pattern.
b) OMR
c) OCR
d) Bar Code Reader

3) _____________ is system software that translates the entire program into machine language before the program is executed.
a) Compiler
b) Interpreter
c) Assembler
d) Utility

4) ___________ is an Academic Website of the Ministry of Human Resource Development.
a) Facebook
b) Orkut
c) Twitter
d) Sakshat

(W=1) (WGP=1x4=4)
B. Match the following:
5) Inflibnet Open source software
6) Spreadsheet High speed data transfer
7) LINUX Virtual network of libraries
8) USB Grid of columns and rows
(W=1) (WGP=1x4=4)

Answer any six questions in one or two sentences each. Each question carries a weightage of one:
9) What is a webcam?
10) List the three types of P2P networks.
11) What is Instant Messaging?
12) What is meant by PODCASTS?
13) What is a ‘Blog’?
14) Explain BRNET.
15) What are ‘Cookies’?
16) What is phishing?    (W=1) (WGP=6x4x1=24)


Answer any four questions. Each answer should not to exceed one page. Each question carries a weightage of two:
17) Point out the various types of Terminals.
18) What are the different ranges of mobile computing devices?
19) What are the types of a data that can be entered into a spreadsheet cell?
20) Write a note on IT in education.
21) What is cyber addiction?
22) What are the features of Tally?      (W=4x2=8) (WGP=4x4x2=32)


Answer any one question. Each question carries a weightage of four.
23) Give a brief account of IT applications in Commerce, Medicine and Health Care.
24) Explain the concepts of Data, Information and Knowledge. What are the various methods of accessing the net?      (W=1x4=4) (WGP=1x4x4=16)


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