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II - B.S.L. (Sem. - III),International Relations and Organisations,2010 Question Paper,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
II - B.S.L. (Sem. - III)
International Relations and Organisations
(2003 Pattern) (Theory) (Paper - III)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 100
Instructions to the candidates:
1) All questions carry equal marks.
2) Attempt only 5 questions.
Q1) Discuss geography, population, National Resources, Industry, Technology
and Military as important determinants of national power. Is terrorism a
challenge to national power? Comment.
Q2) How effective are International Law and International morality as limitations
in national power?
Q3) What is the composition, aims and objectives and principles of UNO? Is
UNO successful in restoring international peace? Comment.
Q4) Define ‘Disarmament’. Discuss the efforts made towards achieving
Q5) Trace the issues of North-South Rivalry. How can it be resolved?
Q6) Discuss the diplomatic methods of settling international diputes with
Q7) What is world-community? Can it ever be established? Discuss.
Q8) Discuss the role of specialized agencies of UNO, viz, World Bank, FAO,
WTO and IMF.
Q9) Explain the importance of regional organisations like ASEAN, Arab League,
European Union and SAARC.
Q10)Write short notes on any 4 :
a) ILO
b) Arbitration.
c) Balance of power.
e) Relevance of cold-war today.
f) ICC.
g) OAS.
h) Amnesty International.

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