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I - B.S.L. (Sem. - I),University Of Pune Question Paper,HISTORY (New) (Theory) (Paper - II),2010 Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
I - B.S.L. (Sem. - I)
(2003 Pattern) (New) (Theory) (Paper - II)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 100
Instructions to the candidates:
1) Attempt any 5 questions of which Q.1 is compulsory.
2) Each question carries equal marks.
3) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q1) Write short notes on any four of the following : [20]
a) Functions of the state in ancient India.
b) The village headman in ancient India.
c) Central Government of the Mughals.
d) Types of courts under the Marathas.
e) The Battle of Plassey 1757.
f) Causes of the Anglo-French struggle.
Q2) Discuss ancient Indian theories regarding the origin of the state. [20]
Q3) Give reasons for the disappearance of Republics in Ancient India. [20]
Q4) What was the legal status of Hindu and Muslim women in medieval times?
Q5) Discuss the merits of the mansabdari system of the Mughals. [20]
Q6) How did Wellesley’s Subsidiary Alliance system help in expansion of British
rule? [20]
Q7) Why did the revolt of 1857 fail to achieve its aims? [20]
Q8) Discuss the main features of Lord Ripon’s reforms. [20]
Q9) Give an account of the contribution of Raja Ram Mohan Roy to social
reform. [20]
Q10)What were the main effects of British rule? [20]

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