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Gauhati University Business Organisation and Entrepreneurship Development 2011 B.Com Question Paper

University : Gauhati University
Course : B.Com
B.Com Semester-1
2011 Question Paper
Business Organisation and Entrepreneurship Development
1. Choose the correct answer from the following options: [10 marks]
A) Professor Robinson is associated with which of these theories?
a.size of a optimum firm
b.location of a firm
c.change of location of a firm
d.all of the above

B) Which is not a benefit of rationalization?
of unhealthy competition of cheaper goods
c.increased efficiency
d.excess workload.

C) Pools that regulate production and marketing of goods is called
a.output pool
b.transport pool
c.income and expenditure pool
d.risk pool

D)"An entrepreneur maximizes opportunities through systematic innovation."the statement is forwarded by
a. joseph schumpeter
b. peter drucker
c. j b say
d. Richard cantillon

E) Which of these is the first step in promotion of a new venture
a. marketing opportunities
b. legal formalization
c .idea generation
d. technical feasibility.

F) venture capital is not provided to
a. early stage venture
b. high risk venture
c. high potential venture
d. low risk venture.

G) Which of these is not an advantage of franchising?
a. generation of market potential
b. training and development of franchisers
c. financial gain
d. saturated domestic markets.

H) National productivity council established in the year
a. 1956
b. 1957
c. 1958
d. 1959

I) Which of these entrepreneurship programs was first conceived in the state of Assam?
a. Indian institute of entrepreneurship
b. entrepreneurship motivation training centre
c. north eastern industrial training corporation
d. national small industries corporation.

J) Which of these formalities is not required in starting an entrepreneurship venture?
a. licence
b. registration of trade mark
c. pollution clearance certificate
d. obtaining a shed in industrial estate.

2. Answer the following question in brief: 2*5=10 marks
a) define s small industry as per MSME Act,2006
b) Distinguish between consolidation and amalgamation.
c) mention four factors affecting productivity in an organization.
d) state few concrete measures that government has adopted to promote entrepreneurship development in the country.
e) highlight four characteristics of an entrepreneur.

3. Write short notes on any four:
a) franchising
b) learning organisation
c) rationalization
d) intrapreneurship
e) venture capital
f) entrepreneurship

4.Discuss the feature and problems associated with a multinational corporation. 5+5=10 marks
Define joint sectors and discuss its important in the Indian context. 3+7=10 marks

5. Explain the different forms of business combinations. 10 marks
Mention the salient features of Webers and florences theories of location and compare and contrast between the two.

6. Discuss the theories based on the evolution of entrepreneurship. 10 marks
Discuss the stages in the promotion of new venture. 10 marks

7. What is the important of entrepreneurial training?in the same context discuss about the concept of entrepreneurship development program and its implementation. 4+6=10

Establish the relationship between entrepreneurship and economic what different ways an entrepreneur can assist in economic development of a nation? Discuss. 4+6=10 marks 
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