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First Year B. Pharmacy,2010 Question Paper,1.1 : PHARMACEUTICS – I,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
First Year B. Pharmacy Examination, 2010
 (2008 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 80
Instructions. : i) Answers to the two Sections should be written in
separate books.
ii) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
1. Attempt any one : 10
Discuss in detail concept of physicochemical properties involved in
Explain the concept of drug delivery system. Add a note on sustained and targeted
drug delivery.
2. Attempt any five : 15
a) Describe Ayurveda as system of medicine.
b) Define ‘New Drug’ and ‘Drug’ as per D and C Act, 1940.
c) Explain cGMP as a tool for quality assurance.
d) Describe the development of pharmaceutical industry in India.
e) Define bioequivalence, biopharmaceutics and bioavailability.
f) Explain ideal characteristics of packaging material.
g) Explain the need of dosage forms.
3. Write short notes (Any three) : 15
a) Mechanism of Absorption.
b) Quality control of radiopharmaceuticals.
c) Good manufacturing practices.
d) Containers and closures
e) Dose efficiency and dose response concept. P.T.O.
1. Solve any one : 10
What are solutions ? Explain methods of preparation of solutions and factors
affecting rate of solution.
What is filtration ? Explain in brief filter aids and filter media. Explain the
construction, working and application of filter leaf.
2. Solve any five : 15
a) Define elixir, linctus and syrup. Give their examples.
b) Explain manufacturing of effervescent granules.
c) Define size separation. Write standards for powders as per I.P.
d) Explain the various mechanisms for mixing of liquid.
e) What do you mean by viscosity ? Discuss any one method for viscosity
f) Write a note on Dry Syrup.
g) Discuss various factors affecting size reduction.
3. Solve any three. 15
a) Explain construction, working and application of Edge and End runner mill.
b) Discuss the formulation and evaluation of oral rehydration powder.
c) Describe in brief various methods for size separation
d) Write a note on :
i) Propeller mixer
ii) Hammer Mill
e) Define Syrup. Explain methods of preparation and preservation of syrups.

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