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F. Y. B. A. B. Ed. Integrated Optional,2010 Question Paper,PAPER - IV ECONOMICS INDIAN ECONOMY,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
F. Y. B. A. B. Ed. (Integrated) (Optional) Examination - 2010
(Group - II)
(2008 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 100
Instructions :
(1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q.1) Answer in 20 words each : (Any Ten) [20]
(1) Write two sources of Irrigation in Maharashtra.
(2) Write two objectives of 11th Five Year Plan.
(3) What is the Sex Ratio of Population ?
(4) What is GNP ?
(5) What is Agricultural Marketing ?
(6) What is Industrial Labour ?
(7) What is Industrialisation ?
(8) Define Per Capita Income.
(9) Define Economic Planning.
(10) What is Less Developed Economy ?
(11) Define SEZ.
(12) What is Privatisation
(13) Define Co-operative Movement.
Q.2) Write answers in 50 words each : (Any Four) [20]
(a) Write difficulties in measuring National Income.
(b) Write features of Industrial Labour.
(c) Write problems of Sugar Industry in Maharashtra.
(d) Write importance of Economic Planning.
(e) Write MNC’s Features.
(f) Write difference between Urban and Rural Population.
Q.3) Answer in 150 words each : (Any Three) [30]
(a) Write causes of Suicide by Farmers and suggest suitable
(b) Compare Indian Economy with United State’s Economy as
developed economy.
(c) Write importance of I.T. in India.
(d) Evaluate Population Policy, 2000.
(e) Write Agricultural Pattern in Maharashtra and compare it with
other States.
Q.4) Answer in 300 words each : (Any Two) [30]
(a) Evaluate 11th Five Year Plan with objectives, targets, strategy.
(b) Explain : (i) Present State, (ii) Defects in Agricultural Marketing,
(iii) Suggest Measures Adopted by it.
(c) Explain broad features of Population and explain how to maintain
quality of Population.
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