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DAVV Computer Application To Foreign Trade BBA 2004 Question Paper

Looking for DAVV old question papers ? You can here download 2004 question paper of BBA, subject  Computer Application To Foreign Trade

University : DAVV
Course : B.B.A Business Administration
Subject : Computer Application To Foreign Trade
Exam Year : 2004

1. "Information Technology totally revolutionized the Foreign Trade." Justify this statement with suitable example.

2. What are the benefits of Application Software for Export-Import Office? discuss the general features of 1 such software which is used fpr clearing and forwarding from customs.

3. What is Electronic Fund Transfer? discuss the types, process and advantages of E.F.T.? How E-Cash is various from other Electronic Payment Systems?

4. What is Multicurrency system? discuss the significance of multicurrency in international trade.

5. How does Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) help in supply chain management of Just in Time approach for efficient Export-Import Functioning.?

6. What are the communication system available foe modern offices? discuss the infrastructure needed to implement the e-commerce in an organization.

7. Write short notes : (Any Two)
(a) Voice Conferencing and Desktop Video Conferencing.
(b) Role of Multimedia in Export.
(c) Intranet & Extranet. 
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