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Complete List of B.A Subjects in Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh University

Are looking for the list of subjects in B.A Degree offered by Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh University ? You can download the complete list below. KSKVKU offers the following subjects in first year. The subject codes are also shown along with the subjects list. You can also download old question papers of KSKVKU in this website Use the search box to find out your subject question papers and download.

F.Y.B.A. SAN105 Abhigyanshakuntalam Ane Prastavikvilas
F.Y.B.A. HIN101 Adhunik Hindi Kavita
F.Y.B.A. HIN103 Adhunik Hindi Kavita
F.Y.B.A. HIS103 Ancient Indian History
F.Y.B.A. HIS101 Ancient Indian History
F.Y.B.A. HSC104 Applied Life Science
F.Y.B.A. ECO105 Arthashastra Parichay
F.Y.B.A. POL103 Basic Principles of Political Theory
F.Y.B.A. POL101 Basic Principles of Political Theory
F.Y.B.A. PSY101 Basic Psychological Process
F.Y.B.A. PSY103 Basic Psychological Process
F.Y.B.A. SOC104 Bhartiya Samaj Ane Bharatma Samajik Sansthao
F.Y.B.A. SOC102 Bhartiya Samaj Ane Bharatma Samajik Sansthao
F.Y.B.A. COM105 Computer in Business Operation
F.Y.B.A. ENG003 Developing English Skills
F.Y.B.A. ENG105 English Second Subsidiary Paper 7
F.Y.B.A. ESC104 Environmental Science
F.Y.B.A. ENG101 Foundation Studies in English
F.Y.B.A. ENG103A Foundation Studies in English
F.Y.B.A. ENG104A Functional English Paper-I
F.Y.B.A. ENG104B Functional English Paper-II
F.Y.B.A. HSC101 Fundamental of Human Nutrition
F.Y.B.A. GUJ102 Gadhyno Abhiyas
F.Y.B.A. GUJ104 Gadhyno Abhiyas
F.Y.B.A. PSY105 General Psychology
F.Y.B.A. POL104 Government Machinery
F.Y.B.A. POL102 Government Machinery
F.Y.B.A. HIN104 Hindi Katha Sahitya
F.Y.B.A. HIN102 Hindi Katha Sahitya
F.Y.B.A. HIS102 History Of Modern World
F.Y.B.A. HIS104 History Of Modern World
F.Y.B.A. HSC102 Household Equipment and Consumer Education
F.Y.B.A. ECO102 Indian Economics
F.Y.B.A. ECO104 Indian Economy
F.Y.B.A. POL105 Indian Political
F.Y.B.A. GUJ105 Lekhan Kaushal
F.Y.B.A. ENG103B Literature in English Language
F.Y.B.A. ENG102 Literature in English Language
F.Y.B.A. ECO101 Micro Economics
F.Y.B.A. ECO103 Micro Economics
F.Y.B.A. HSC105 Mother Craft and First Aid
F.Y.B.A. GUJ103 Padhyno Abhiyas
F.Y.B.A. GUJ101 Padhyno Abhiyas
F.Y.B.A. SAN002 Panchratram-Raghuvansham Sarg-2, Apathit Shloko
F.Y.B.A. HSC103 Personal Grooming Appread and Textile
F.Y.B.A. HIS105 Revolution and National Movements in the Modern World
F.Y.B.A. SOC105 Samajik Kalyan Ane Samajik Kanunikran
F.Y.B.A. SOC101 Samajshastra Parichay
F.Y.B.A. SOC103 Samajshastra Parichay
F.Y.B.A. HIN105 Samanya Hindi
F.Y.B.A. SAN102 Sanskrit Sahityano Itihas Avam Kadmbhary
F.Y.B.A. SAN104 Sanskrit Sahityno Itihas
F.Y.B.A. SIN103 Sindhi Poetry
F.Y.B.A. SIN104 Sindhi Prose
F.Y.B.A. SIN105 Sindhin Prose
F.Y.B.A. PSY104 Social Psychology
F.Y.B.A. PSY102 Social Psychology
F.Y.B.A. STM105 Statistical Method Paper -7
F.Y.B.A. STM103 Statistical Methods Paper-I
F.Y.B.A. STM104 Statistical Methods Paper-II
F.Y.B.A. SAN103 Sunderkand Ane Vyakaran (Bhashanipunya)
F.Y.B.A. SAN101 Sunderkand Ane Vyakaran (Bhashanipunya)
S.Y. B.A. HSC205 Applied Chemistry
S.Y. B.A. PSY202 Asadharan Manovignan
S.Y. B.A. PSY205 Asadhran Manovignan
S.Y. B.A. PSY206 Balmanovignanno Swarup Ane Bal Vikas
S.Y. B.A. ECO206 Bharatiya Arthkaranni Ketlik Samasiyaon
S.Y. B.A. ENG003 Compulsory English
S.Y. B.A. COM206 Computer: Windows Programming & Internet
S.Y. B.A. HSC204 Consumer Education and Entrepreneurship
S.Y. B.A. ECO203A Economics System and Development
S.Y. B.A. ENG206 English Second Subsidiary Paper VII
S.Y. B.A. HSC201 Family Meal Management (FM)
S.Y. B.A. HSC203 Family Meal Management(FN)
S.Y. B.A. HSC206 Family, Human Rights and Law
S.Y. B.A. ENG205A Forms of Literature
S.Y. B.A. ENG202 Forms of Literature
S.Y. B.A. ENG205B Functional English
S.Y. B.A. ENG204B Functional English
S.Y. B.A. POL201 Government and Politics of India
S.Y. B.A. POL204 Government and Politics of India
S.Y. B.A. GUJ205 Granthkar - Shri Vinesh Antani
S.Y. B.A. GUJ202 Granthkar - Shri Vinesh Antani
S.Y. B.A. ECO202A Gujaratnu Arthtantra
S.Y. B.A. ECO205B Gujaratnu Arthtantra
S.Y. B.A. ECO205A History of Economic Thought - I
S.Y. B.A. ECO202B History of Economic Thought-I
S.Y. B.A. ENG201 History of English Leterature(1550 - 1798)
S.Y. B.A. ENG204A History of English Literature (1550 - 1798)
S.Y. B.A. HIS201 History of India (1206 - 1526)
S.Y. B.A. HIS204 History of India (1206 - 1526)
S.Y. B.A. HIS203 History of India (1526-1818)
S.Y. B.A. HIS202A History of Modern Europe (1815-1950)
S.Y. B.A. HIS205A History of Modern Europe(1815-1950)
S.Y. B.A. HIS205B History of Modern Russia (1905 - 1988)
S.Y. B.A. HIS202B History of Modern Russia (1905-1988)
S.Y. B.A. POL203 International Relations
S.Y. B.A. POL206 Introduction to Democratic Theory
S.Y. B.A. SOC206 Introduction to Indian Society
S.Y. B.A. HSC202 Introduction to Resource Management
S.Y. B.A. GUJ206 Java Daishu Tamne - Kundaninka Kapadiya
S.Y. B.A. HIN201 Kavya Vimarsh
S.Y. B.A. HIN204 Kavya Vimarsh
S.Y. B.A. SAN205 Kavyashastra
S.Y. B.A. SAN202 Kavyashastra
S.Y. B.A. ENG203 Literary Criticism
S.Y. B.A. GUJ203 Madhyakalin Gujarati Sahityano Itihas
S.Y. B.A. SAN206 Mahakavya Varta Sahitya
S.Y. B.A. HIS206 Main Currents of Cultural History of India
S.Y. B.A. ECO204 Microeconomics
S.Y. B.A. ECO201 Microeconomics
S.Y. B.A. SAN201 Natak, Strot Bhasha Napunya
S.Y. B.A. SAN204 Natak, Strot, Bhasha Napunya
S.Y. B.A. HIN205 Nibandh Evam Anya Gadhya Vidya
S.Y. B.A. HIN202 Nibandh Evam Anya Gadhya Vidya
S.Y. B.A. HIN203 Prachin, Madhyakalin Evam Gujarat Ke Hindi Sahitya Ka Itihas
S.Y. B.A. SOC203 Rural Sociology
S.Y. B.A. GUJ201 Sahitya Swarupno Itihas - Sonaet
S.Y. B.A. GUJ204 Sahitya Swarupno Itihas - Sonaet
S.Y. B.A. PSY201 Samajyojan Manovignan
S.Y. B.A. PSY204 Samajyojan Manovignan
S.Y. B.A. HIN206 Samanya Hindi
S.Y. B.A. PSY203 Saririk Manovignanno Swarup Ane Abhiyas Padhdhitio
S.Y. B.A. SIN204 Sindhi Peotry
S.Y. B.A. SIN205 Sindhi Prose
S.Y. B.A. SIN206 Sindhi Prose
S.Y. B.A. SOC204 Social Problems
S.Y. B.A. SOC201 Social Problems
S.Y. B.A. SOC202 Sociology of Tribal Society
S.Y. B.A. SOC205 Sociology of Tribal Society
S.Y. B.A. STM204 Statistical Method Paper - III
S.Y. B.A. STM205 Statistical Method Paper - IV
S.Y. B.A. STM206 Statistical Method Paper - VII
S.Y. B.A. ECO203B Statistics and Mathemetical Economics
S.Y. B.A. POL202 Theory and Practices of Democratic India
S.Y. B.A. POL205 Theory and Practices of Democratic India
S.Y. B.A. SAN203 Vedic Sahitya
T.Y. B.A. PSY301 Advanced General Psychology
T.Y. B.A. ENG306A American Literature
T.Y. B.A. SOC301 An Introduction to Research Methods and Statistical Analysis in Sociology
T.Y. B.A. ECO305B Banking and Financial Markets
T.Y. B.A. GUJ305A Classics and Essays
T.Y. B.A. HSC304 Clothing and Textile
T.Y. B.A. ENG003 Compulsory English
T.Y. B.A. ECO306B Computer and its Applications
T.Y. B.A. ECO305C Co-operation
T.Y. B.A. PSY306 Counseling Psychology
T.Y. B.A. SAN304 Dar'sana
T.Y. B.A. SAN303 Dar'sanashastra
T.Y. B.A. HSC302 Diet Therapy
T.Y. B.A. HIN303A Dramatics & Novels in Hindi Literature
T.Y. B.A. ECO306A Economic Essays
T.Y. B.A. ECO303 Economics of Social Sector and Environmental Issues
T.Y. B.A. HIS305 Elements of Historical Method
T.Y. B.A. ENG306B English Literature in Twentieth Century
T.Y. B.A. PSY304B Environmental Psychology
T.Y. B.A. SAN306A Essay
T.Y. B.A. PSY303 Experimental Psychology (Practical - Statistics)
T.Y. B.A. HSC306 Family Health
T.Y. B.A. HSC303 Family Housing and Furnishing
T.Y. B.A. HSC301 Food Preservation
T.Y. B.A. ENG303 Forms of Literature - (Novel & Tragedy)
T.Y. B.A. HIN306A Functional Hindi
T.Y. B.A. POL301 Gujarat Politics
T.Y. B.A. GUJ302 Gujarati Language: Form and Development
T.Y. B.A. HIN305 Hindi Language & Grammer
T.Y. B.A. HIS306A Historical Essays
T.Y. B.A. HIS306B History of China and Japan (1839 to 1949 A.D.)
T.Y. B.A. HIS303B History of Contemporary India (1950 to 1977 A.D.)
T.Y. B.A. ENG301 History of English Literature (1760-1901)
T.Y. B.A. HIS302 History of Gujarat (470 to 1304 A.D.)
T.Y. B.A. GUJ304 History of Gujarati Literature Part II and Basic Essence of LIterature
T.Y. B.A. HIN301 History of Hindi Literature : Modern Period (till 1947)
T.Y. B.A. HIS301 History of India (1818 to 1950 A.D.)
T.Y. B.A. GUJ301 History of Modern Gujarati Literature
T.Y. B.A. HIS304 History of U.S.A. (1861 TO 1960 A.D.)
T.Y. B.A. HSC305 Home Science Education and Extension
T.Y. B.A. GUJ305B Important Authors, Books and Criticism
T.Y. B.A. POL305 Indian Constitution
T.Y. B.A. ECO304 Indian Economy after 1991
T.Y. B.A. POL302 Indian Political Thinkers
T.Y. B.A. ENG302 Indian Writing in English and In Translations
T.Y. B.A. SOC305 India's Urban Society
T.Y. B.A. ECO302 International Economics and Public Finance
T.Y. B.A. POL306A International Organization
T.Y. B.A. SAN302 Introduction to Linguistics
T.Y. B.A. HIN306B Journalism in Hindi
T.Y. B.A. ENG304 Literary Criticism
T.Y. B.A. GUJ303 Literary Criticsm
T.Y. B.A. HIN302 Literary Forms & Criticism in Hindi
T.Y. B.A. GUJ306 Literature, Multimedia and Writing Skills
T.Y. B.A. POL304 Local Self Government and Panchayati Raj
T.Y. B.A. ECO301 Macro - Economics
T.Y. B.A. SAN301 Mastering Sanskrit Language
T.Y. B.A. ECO305A Mathematical Economics and Econometrics methods
T.Y. B.A. HIN304 Mediveal Poetry
T.Y. B.A. POL306B Modern Constitution
T.Y. B.A. PSY305 Psychology in Industrial Organization
T.Y. B.A. PSY304A Psychology of Sex and Married Life
T.Y. B.A. POL303 Public Administration
T.Y. B.A. PSY302 Research Methods in Psychology
T.Y. B.A. SAN305 Sanskrit Language and Literature
T.Y. B.A. ENG305B Shakespearean Comedies
T.Y. B.A. SOC304 Social Change in Modern India
T.Y. B.A. ECO306C Socio Economic Survey Project Work
T.Y. B.A. SOC302 Sociological Thinkers
T.Y. B.A. SOC306 Sociology of Religion
T.Y. B.A. HIN303B Special Writer: Nirmal Verma
T.Y. B.A. ENG305A Spoken English, History of the English Language and ELT
T.Y. B.A. HIS303A The Constitution of Independent India (1947 to 1964 A.D.)
T.Y. B.A. SAN306B Vyakarana
T.Y. B.A. SOC303 Women and Sociology

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