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CE6302 Mechanics of Solids B.E Civil Nov Dec 2015 Important Questions

Searching for important questions of CE6302 Mechanics of Solids ? You are lucky as we are here for you to help find the required question paper. Provided below is the collection of all 2 marks and 16 marks questions of CE6302 Mechanics of Solids. This is one of the subject in 3rd Semester Regulation 2013 B.E Civil Engineering under Anna University Chennai. Download the PDF file for the important questions of 2 marks and 16 marks for CE6302 Mechanics of Solids.

Anna University Chennai
Department of B.E Civil Engineering
Third Semester
CE6302 Mechanics of Solids
November / December 2015 Exam Important Questions
(Regulation 2013)

PART – A (2 Marks)
1. Define longitudinal strain and lateral strain.
2. State Hooke’s law.
3. Define modular ratio, Poisson’s ratio
4. What is modulus of elasticity?
5. What is the use of Mohr’s circle?
6. What do you meant by stiffness?
7. Explain lateral strain with a neat sketch
8. What are principal planes?
9. Give the expression for major principal stress in a two dimensional system
10. What are the types of stresses developed in thin cylinders subjected to internal pressure?
11. Write the relationship between bulk modulus, rigidity modulus and Poisson’s ratio.
12. Draw stress – strain diagram for mild steel, brittle material and a ductile material and indicate salient points.
13. What is principle of super-position?
14. Draw the Mohr’s circle for a state of pure shear and indicate the principal stresses.
15. Differentiate thin cylinder & thick cylinder
16. What is the procedure for finding the thermal stresses in a composite bar?
17. Define the term ‘obliquity’ and how it is determined.
18. Define Factor of safety.
19. What do you meant by thermal stresses?
20. Define working stress & allowable stress

Download Link for important questions of CE6302 Mechanics of Solids => http://www.valliammai.co.in/qb/Civil/UG/3rd%20Semester/CE6302-Mechanics%20of%20Solids.pdf
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