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BU Bhopal: BT-114 Production Management 2010 Question Paper

Are you collecting BBA Barkatullah University Previous Years Question Papers ? You can here download 2010 old question paper BBA Production Management of BU Bhopal, Check out more details below:

Barkatullah University Bhopal
Question Paper Coe : N-325
B.B.A. (3rd Semster) Examination-2010
Time Allowed: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 35
Q.I. Elaborate the following:
i. QC
ii. AQL
iii. ISO
iv. LIFO
Q.I. Write short note on any three of the followings:
i. Optimum Location
ii. Production Control
iii. Intermittent Production process system
iv. FIFO Method of inventory
v. Plant Maintenance
Attempt any three questions.
Q.I. What is the purpose of ‘Production Control’? What techniques are employed to achieve this purpose?
Q.II. Define the production management. What are the advantages of production planning?
Q.III. Discuss the factors that determine the location of a plant for the manufacture of:
(a) Cotton Textiles
(b) Steel
Q.VI. (i) What factors affecting with the selection of route?
(ii) “Scheduling is the determination of the time that should be required to perform each operation and also the time necessary to perform the entire series.” Do you agree? Explain.
Q.V. Explain in detail the statistical quality control and its values.
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