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B.Sc.(Construction Management): Estimation And Valuation Annamalai University Question Paper December 2014

Annamalai University question paper december 2014
Time: Three hours Maximum: 75 marks
 Answer ONE FULL question from each UNIT (5 × 15 = 75)
1. Prepare the estimate for the construction of a macadam road for one
kilometre length having the following specifications.
 Formation width of the road 15m
 Side slopes 2:1(H:V)
 Average height of bank=0.60m
 Metalled width of road =3.80m
Soiling coat of hard stone 63mm size, 20mm thick sides shall be provided
with brick edging, wearing coats in two layers, each layer 10cm thick of
stone aggregate 50 mm nominal size.
2. Calculate the quantities of following works in the residential building as
shown in fig.
a) Earthwork excavation
b) Brickwork in cm 1:8 in substructure
c) PCC 1:5:10 in foundation
d) Marble floor finishing
3. Calculate the wood quantities for fully parallel door of size 1.10 ×2.10m
(double leaf)
Size of post and head:100×75mm(rebate 15mm)
Size of lock rail:150×150mm
Size of bottom rail:200×50mm
Size of style of other rails:90×50mm
Number of panels: 6
Thickness of panels: 25 mm
4. (i) Describe the procedure for the quantities of rate per m2 (a) cement
concrete floor 1:2:4, 3cm (ii) Brick work in cm1:5 – 1m3.
5. a) Give the detailed specifications of the following items of works. (i) White
washing (b) Reinforced cement concrete.
 b) Explain how pre-tender planning is done.
6. a) Write down detailed specifications of the following (i) Sand filling in
foundation. (ii) Earth work excavation.
 b) Define tender notice. What is the information furnished in tender
7. Write down the merits and demerits of the different contract agreement
8. Explain the following items? (a) Quotations (b) Secured advance (c) Voucher
(d) First and final payment.
9. Explain the various methods of valuation with suitable examples.
10. A owner occupied property is required to be valued for the wealth tax
purpose on land and building the following particulars are available. Find
the present value of the property.
Value of land ` 4,00,000.00
Cost of the building to put up such building at present ` 10,00,000.00
Age of the building 40 years
Estimate cost of repairs 50,000.00
Depreciation to be allowed for the building 0.75% per annum.
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