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B.Com./B.A./B.B.A./B.Sc./B.B.L.: PROSE AND USAGE,Annamalai University Question Paper December 2014

Annamalai University question paper december 2014
B.Com./B.A./B.B.A./B.Sc./B.B.L. DEGREE
EXAMINATION December 2014
102/120/520: PROSE AND USAGE
(With Maximum Marks 60 for B.Sc. FD/TD/ID)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks
I. Annotate any FOUR of the following Choosing at least TWO
 from each Group: (4 × 5 = 20)
1. The conservation and utilization of water is thus fundamental for human
2. “Unharness us. It can’t be done”.
3. “In those days a letter was an event”.
4. “The incidental expenses are so heavy’s confines to inquiring friends”.
5. “Good heavens, no, father, I’ve only just started’.
6. “This hotel” I said to my wife, ‘has restored my faith in American civilisation”.
7. “Flesh and blood could not stand it. I knew I’d go stark starting mad”.
8. Europe is poor, and a face can cost as much in upkeep as a Rolls-Royce”.
II. Attempt any ONE of the following: (1×20=20)
9. How does Katharine M. Wilson portray the character of the cat?
10. What account does B.R.Nanda give of the life in Sabarmati Ashram?
11. Discuss the process of evolution of mankind according to Carl Sagan.
III. Attempt any ONE of the following: (1×20=20)
12. What has Orwell to say about the landing library and the taste of the reading
13. What Haxley’s views on the beauty Industry?
14. What are Barker’s suggestions for a happy married life?
IV. Attempt any ONE of the following: (1×20=20)
15. How does A.G. Gardiner argue for the preservation of the art of letter writing?
16. What are the dangers of drug abuse?
17. Narrate Edison’s marriage and his establishing to laboratory at Meno Park.
18. Write a critical appreciation of Somerset Maugham’s “A man from Glasgow’”
V. Attempt any TWO of the following: (2×10=20)
19. Fill in the blanks with suitable preposition:
 I do not want _____ feed a typewriter ______ streets ______ paper ______ lose
the use ______ my legs ______ travelling always ______ (car, or ______ be
summoned, ______ or ______ warning.
20. Fill in the blanks with suitable articles:
______ unusual occurrence in ______ Chambal Valley of ______ Madhya Pradesh
has baffled ______ government officials. ______ elephant from ______ reserve
forest that had strayed out walked into ______ old and abandoned railway
station building ______ week ago. Ever since then it has refused to move out. All
efforts by ______ forest officials to persuade ______ tusker to go back into ______
Rewrite any FIVE of the following as directed:
21. The hunter killed at Tiger (Change the voice).
22. My name is Babu (Change this into a question).
23. Maran is not wiser than Mani (Change into Positive Degree).
24. I am the boss (Add a Question Tag).
25. Murugan said to Meena, “Is this yours?” (Change into indirect).
26. I ______ (start) in a few minutes (Choose the Correct form of the Verb).
27. Take it leave it. (Use Either or Or)
28. She sings very sweet. Isn’t it? (Correct the Sentence).
29. As she requested him, “he helped her” (Change into Complex).
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