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Barkatullah University: 3rd Semester BCA Accounting 2010 Question Paper

Are you searching for BCA 3rd Semester Barkatullah University Old / Previous / Model / Sample Question Papers ? You can here download 2010 old question paper BCA Accounting of this university, Check out more details below:

Barkatullah University
Question Paper Code : SMS-89
B.C.A. (Third Semester) EXAMINATION, 2009-10
Time: Three Hours
Maximum Marks : 35
Note : Attempt all questions
Objective type questions
Q.1 State whether the following statement are true or false.
i. Doubly entry system of accounting was invented by R.N. Carter.
ii. The expression depreciation is to be charged to 10% and 10% p.a. carry the same meaning.
iii. The balance of cash book indicates cash in hand.
iv. Trial balance is prepared after preparing the profit and loss account.
v. Ideal current ratio is 2:1
Short Answer Type Questions
Q.II. What is journal? Give its proforma.
State the meaning of Trial-Balance and present its proforma.
Q.III. What do you mean by depreciation in accounting?
Write short note on original cost method of providing depreciation.
Q.IV. What is cash-Book? Give a specimen of three column cash-Book.
What is Bank Reconcilliation statement?
Q.V. What is adjustment entries?
State the utility of Final Accounts.
Q.VI. Explain the current Ratio and Gross Profit Ratio.
Explain Stock Turnover and Liquidity Ratio.

Long answer type questions
Q.VII What is double entry system? Discuss its advantages and importance.
Sitaram is not very efficient in book-keeping he has prepared the following trial balance and has requested you that if it is correct- accept it and if it is wrong correct and prepare it again-
Dr.(Rs) Cr.(Rs)
Sitaram’s capital 1.556
Sitaram’s drawings - -
Leasehold premises 564 -
Sales 741 2756
Due from customer - 530
Purchases - -
Purchases returns 1268 -
Loan from bank 264 250
Creaditors - -
Trade and off. Expenses 528 -
Cash at bank 784 -
Bills payable 142 -
Salaries and wages 100 -
Opening stock 598 264
Rent and taxes - -
Sales return 465 94


What do you mean by depreciation? Explain brief the different methods of charging depreciation.
Following information are availed from Ajay Ltd. Prepare a machinery account for the year ended on 2005 to 2007-
Machinery purchased for Rs 80000 on first oct;2005
Machinery purchased for Rs 36000 on first may;2006
Machinery purchased for Rs 30000 on first nov;2007

From company depreciation on diminishing balance method is to written off annually 10% in 2005 at 15 % in 2006 and 20% in 2007 p.a. The account are closed in every year on 31st December.

Q.IX. Explain dishonour of bill, how it differ from renewal of bill.
From the following particulars prepare a Reconciliation statement as at 31st march 2008-
i. Balance as per cash-book 3200
ii. Cheque issued but not presented for payment -1800
iii. Cheque deposited but not collected upto mach 31 2008 -2000
iv. Bank charges debited by bank. -150

Q.X. What is meant by trading account , profit and loss account and balance sheet ?
Why are they prepared.
Below is given the trial balance of Shri Ragvendra and brother’s in respect of the year ending 31st march 2008 prepare his trading and profit and loss account for the year 2008
And his balance that date.
Rs Rs
Opening Stock 16000 Sales 130000
Purchase 90000 Purchase returns 800
Carriage inward 1250 Discount 400
Sales return 600 Commission 750
Insurance 1500 Provision for Bad

Trade expenses 3600 Debts 400
Salary 8200 Capital 32000
Bad debts 300 Bank Loan 4400
Debtors 17000 Creditors 11600
Building 24000 Bills Payable 2000
Machine 10000
Drawing 4000
Bills receivable 4500
Cash 1400

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