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Annamalai University 2014 december question paper,B.Sc. (HOTEL MANAGEMENT AND TOURISM): HOTEL LAW

Annamalai University 2014 december question paper
115/112/114: HOTEL LAW
(Common with BBA HTM)
Time: Three hours Maximum: 75 marks
 Answer any FIVE questions (5× 15=75)
1. a) Write in detail about fixation for sanction of room rent and charges for service act.
b) Explain prevention of food adverteration act 1954.
2. a) Define “partnership”. What are the powers and liabilities of a partner?
b) Explain the different kinds of partners.
3. a) Distinctions between sales and agreement to sell.
b) Explain the essentials of a sale of good act 1930.
4. a) Determination of gratuity and procedure to get gratuity?
b) Explain (i) Wages and Bonus (ii) Forfeiture of gratuity
5. a) Write on some of the hygiene and sanitation regulation.
b) Explain the “Grand of Licence”.
6. a) What are the different hotel and restaurant licence? Define “Registration”.
b) Explain the essential commodities act 1955.
7. a) Distinguish between partnership and co-ownership.
b) Explain (i) minor partner (ii) partnership by Estopped.
8. a) Define a “contract”. Discuss the characteristics of voidable contract.
b) Explain (i) F.O.B. contracts (ii) Auction sale
9. a) Explain workmen’s compensation act 1948.
b) Describe the privileges and immunities of a registered trade union.
10. a) Write in detail about Indian tourism policies.
b) List any seven international hotel regulations.
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