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2010 Question Paper,University Of Pune Question Paper,PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICES OF MANAGEMENT,P. G. D. M. L. M. (Semester - I)

University Of Pune Question Paper
P. G. D. M. L. M. (Semester - I) Examination - 2010
(Old 2005 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 60
Instructions :
(1) Answer any two questions from section I.
(2) Answer any one question from 5th and 6th questions from
section II.
(3) Q. No. 7 is compulsory. Answer any one case.
(4) All questions carry equal marks.
Q.1) “Scientific Management involves in its essence Complete Mental Revolution
on the part of workers and an equally Complete Mental Revolution on
the part of Management.” Illustrate this statement.
Q.2) Differentiate between External and Internal Planning Premises. Discuss in
Q.3) Explain in detail Line and Staff Organisation Structure in an Organisation.
Q.4) Write short notes : (Any Three)
(a) Functions of Management
(b) Informal Organisation
(c) School of Human Relations Approach
(d) Management by Objective
(e) Performance Appraisal
(f) Steps in Recruitment and Selection
Q.5) “A lot of decision-making in modern organisations is quantitative.” Bring
out the implications of this statement and enumerate major quantitative
methods that are used in Decision-making.
Q.6) What do you mean by Co-ordination ? How does it differ from
Co-operation ? Why is Co-ordination called as essence of Management ?
Q.7) Solve any one of the cases. Methodical Presentation of the case is
necessary :
Case No. 1
Mr. Atul and Mr. Bhaskar are working as Senior Supervisors in an
Engineering Company. The manufacture of the product is subject to several
manual and machine operations. Atul and Bhaskar are of the same age
The department was expanded and Atul was promoted as the Head of
Department ‘A’ and Bhaskar was promoted as head of Department ‘B’.
Department ‘A’ outperformed Department ‘B’.
Atul gave autonomy to his workers to select tools and methods of their
choice. He extended his support to them wherever it was demanded,
whereas Bhaskar believed in strict discipline, rules and procedures. He was
very strict and straightforward. In his opinion workers in Department ‘A’
behave in a way similar to college going students. Bhaskar felt that, freedom
to workers means calling for indiscipline and it will result in enjoyment
of unlimited liberty.
Analyse this case and comment on the Leadership Styles of Mr. Atul and
Mr. Bhaskar.
Case No. 2
The performance of Akshay Engineers, a subsidiary company of a large
multinational group was very much dissatisfactory for the last three years.
The Managing Director of the parent company, took this issue very seriously
and appointed a committee of experts to study situation and report to him.
The committee examined circumstances accordingly and reported to the
MD about the causes of the poor performance of Akshay Engineers, which
were found as follows :
(1) Lack of Co-ordination and Integrity among the employees of the unit.
(2) Lack of adequate incentives for the workers in the unit.
(3) Inadequate financial support from the parent company.
The MD of the parent company and the Director of Akshay Engineers,
both were satisfied with the findings. The MD then suggested to the
Director, to set up a mechanism for proper co-ordination in the unit by
involving employees in it. He also suggested to come out with certain
schemes so as to improve morale of the workers and enhance their sense
of belongingness towards the organisation. He also expected the Director
to take austerity measures to cut down other implicit costs. The Director
on the other hand was expecting more financial support from the parent
company, and wanted more powers to the management.
However, this situation prevailed for some time, without any improvements.
The MD, finally, with a heavy heart, set a time span of six months for
the Director to show positive results and threatened to transfer unit to other
group in case of failure.
Questions :
(a) Comment on the poor performance of the Unit.
(b) Comment on the approach of the Managing Director.
(c) Suggest some measures for the Director to improve situation.
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