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2010 Question Paper,University Of Pune Question Paper,PRINCIPLES OF MULTIMEDIA,S.Y. M.C.A. (Engineering)

University Of Pune Question Paper
S.Y. M.C.A. (Engineering)
(2008 Course) (610905)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 70
Instructions to the candidates :
1) Answer any 3 questions from each section.
2) Answers to the two sections should be written in separate books.
3) Neat diagrams must be drawn wherever necessary.
4) Assume suitable data, if necessary.
Q1) a) What are the characteristics of Multimedia Presentation? Explain with
the example. [7]
b) What do you mean by Multimedia Document Architecture? Explain in
brief “SGML”. [4]
Q2) a) What is Distributed Multimedia? Differentiate between multimedia
databases and conventional databases. [7]
b) Write short note on “Multimedia Authoring Tools”. [4]
Q3) a) Explain TIFF file format in detail. [7]
b) Explain Shannon Fano algorithm with an example. [5]
Q4) a) What is vector quantization? How is it applied to image compression?
b) What are different steps of image recognition? Give an example. [5]
Q5) a) What is multimedia sound or audio? What are its properties? [6]
b) State different audio file formats? Explain AVI file format in brief. [6]
Q6) a) Compare VOC & WAV file formats. [6]
b) Explain MIDI message formats with different command names available.
Q7) a) What do you mean by CODEC? Explain the features of H.263. [8]
b) Define and explain I, P and B frames with reference to MPEG. [4]
Q8) a) What is compression? Compress the string ‘ABABBABCABABBA’
using LZW compression technique. Calculate the compression ratio?
b) Compare different Television broadcasting standards. [4]
Q9) a) Explain the features of VRML with example. Also explain the use of
EVENTS and ROUTS with proper examples. [7]
b) Write a VRML script for development of dinning table? [5]
Q10)a) Explain different forms of virtual reality with one scenario example. [7]
b) Why does it take four nodes to make simple object in VRML and which
are those? [5]
Q11)a) What is rendering? Explain with respect to animation. [7]
i) Interpolation &
ii) Motion paths.
b) Explain different steps for development of 2D animation. [4]
Q12)a) What do you mean by animation on web? Explain client pull animation
by example. [7]
b) Write short note on 3D Sound. [4]
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