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2010 Question Paper,University Of Pune Question Paper,I - B.S.L. (Sem. - II),GENERAL ENGLISH - II (NEW),

University Of Pune Question Paper
I - B.S.L. (Sem. - II)
(2003 Pattern) (NEW)
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 100
Instructions to the candidates:
1) All questions are compulsory.
2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q1) a) Analyse the process of word formation and mention the category of
word formation of the following words (any ten) : [10]
i) Reverse ii) Postman
iii) Friendship iv) Champion
v) Viva vi) Hotch potch
vii) Fridge viii) Oxbridge
ix) BRTS x) Abet
xi) HC xii) Cleanse
b) Give synonyms of the following words (any five) : [5]
i) Pointblank ii) Paradigm
iii) Liquidate iv) Inmate
v) Dossier vi) Roadblock
vii) Liberation
c) Give antonyms of the following words (any five) : [5]
i) Concord ii) Dispute
iii) Intense iv) Defendant
v) Prestigious vi) Stationary
vii) Worldly
Q2) a) Use the following phrases and set expressions in your own sentences
so as to bring out their meaning clearly (any ten) : [10]
i) Go berserk ii) Jury is still out
iii) In the long run iv) Magnum opus
v) A fortiori vi) A tower of strength
vii) To meet halfway viii) Compos mentis
ix) At stake x) Change colour
xi) In camera xii) De jure
b) Give one word for the following expressions (any ten) : [10]
i) The act of breaking a law or contract.
ii) To forgive and spare offender.
iii) One who applies to a lawyer for advice.
iv) Assembly or Parliament in which no party has clear majority.
v) The area over which an official has control.
vi) One who speaks less.
vii) To free a person from blame.
viii) That which is lawful.
ix) A written or printed matter that gives notice.
x) Emolument, fee or profit attached to the office or position of an
addition to salary.
xi) Having definite powers which cannot be encroached upon.
xii) To go down in value.
Q3) a) Use the following cohesive devices and conjunctions in your own
sentences so as to bring out their meanings clearly (any five). [5]
i) Provided ii) Likewise
iii) Alternatively iv) That is to say
v) In brief vi) Firstly
vii) Besides
b) Correct the following sentences (any five) : [5]
i) The house comprises of three bedrooms.
ii) One could be able to answer as many questions as possible.
iii) I think the waiter forgot us; we are waiting here for over half an
iv) They made a goal in the end.
v) One should have their teeth checked every year.
vi) I do not want you to loose the match.
vii) Who called the game yesterday?
c) Summarise the following passage : [10]
A common bond that can unite many people even with diverse views
and beliefs is a passion for the game of cricket. In many countries like
India, the game is more of a religion with the players assuming the role
of idols. The outcome of a match can drastically turn around the way
the fans view the cricketers, a win placing them on the pedestals while
a loss can instigate extreme anger and disappointment in the players.
Another important behaviour of the fans is their immense involvement
in the game and the Players and often the bond exists much beyond
the field. A player’s personal life, performance on the field, statistics
and records all matter significantly to an individual who has tremendous
interest in the game. Cricket has gone much beyond being just a
gentleman’s game and has achieved much fan following and popularity
around the world. Many new forms and format of the game like the
twenty-20 have made an appearance and changed any form of boredom
that might have been setting it. As new players emerge on the scene,
the statistics and records undergo a massive transition and cricket fans
are keen to keep a track of all these changes. One of the best ways to
keep track and be updated about your favorite game and players is
through the internet. It is the new medium of following the game of
cricket with much greater consistency. Many internet sites, specifically
devoted to the game are a storehouse of information and a great source
of collecting data and knickknacks for the fans. Even if you are traveling
and are far removed from the television and the computer, even then
you can get live updates from these sites on your mobile phone. This
ensures that a true cricket enthusiast is never far away from his passion
and can follow a live match accurately. Also, the discussion forums on
these sites are a big attraction for those interested in the game. Here
you can air your views and get the opinions from fellow enthusiasts
and learn much more about the game through interactive participation.
So if cricket is your religion and the players are your idols then you
are not alone, there are millions of fans across the world who share
your passion for the game in equal measure.
Q4) a) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given
below: [15]
At one time the environment was thought to be all about aesthetically
pleasing scenes and beautiful surroundings; the law had little to do
with it then. Then it became a question of the quality of our lives - the
air we breathe, the water we drink, the state of our forests, hills and
seas; the law then moved in as the need was felt for controls and
regulation. The environment has become an issue of survival - cities
have become gas chambers, rivers are carriers of untreated sewage and
industrial effluent, the earth a dumping ground for hazardous waste.
Mankind’s capacity to be oblivious to the consequences of its acts
seems limitless.
We need to closely and critically look at the realm of enforcement; that
may well result in quite some change from current methods, and the
adoption of some unusual ones. It is an exercise which we should be
keenly engaged in; at stake is the well being of our lives and that of the
law; indeed, the very survival of both. It is a mistake to rely exclusively,
or much, on the conventional punitive methods of the State.
Prosecution, fine, confiscation etc. have proved woefully inadequate
as remedials or deterrents. The procedures are tardy, the accused are
entitled to the benefits of innocence till proved guilty, investigating
and prosecution machinery lack resources, always of material and often
of competence; the accused of means can rely on a wealth of legal
talent. And over all this is the spectre of corruption which, where it
infects - part of the body politic - is the most powerful corroder of civil
society and the rule of law.
A variety of steps are needed for this. A good part of the answer flows
from the doctrine of accountability, and its wider and more imaginative
application. Just imagine - if officials of the Pollution Control Board
were personally liable for granting permission to a polluting industry
to continue operation, if Directors of the Boards of corporate bodies
could be held personally accountable for acts of pollution which they
knew or should have known about, if the same were to apply to heads
of government departments which are carte blanche despoilers. In a
lighter vein, but not entirely in jest, for example, if somebody who
indulges constantly in blowing his air horn on the roads were to be
made to sit in a room and forced to listen to amplified sound till his
eardrums are close to collapse. How about subjecting those whose
vehicles emit thick fumes of gaseous smoke to a few compulsory lungful
of the stuff and polluters of nearby wells to consume as potable, water
from the very same wells?

i) How was the environment then and now?
ii) Have conventional punitive methods worked? Cite reasons.
iii) What is the primary principle the author suggests to bring about
remedial measures?
iv) In a lighter vein, the author also suggests some measures that
could be adopted-can you add some more to it?
v) In what different ways can you save the environment from
b) Choose the correct word from those given in brackets. (any five) [5]
i) If you are extremely self satisfied, you are complacent/ complaisant.
ii) If you are open to objection causing disapproval or offence, you
are exceptional/exceptionable.
iii) Altogether/ all together I thought that the student’s presentation
was well planned.
iv) She led/lead her party to a sweeping victory.
v) I have never read for entertainment, but rather for understanding
and to satisfy my eager/anxious curiosity.
vi) Beside/besides the fact that it was difficult, the exam also included
questions that we had never studied before.
vii) I couldn’t have broken the lamp because I have a creditable/credible
Q5) a) Write a report on the ‘All India Women Defence Scientists’ meet held
in the city. [10]
Report on a criminal trial.
b) Write an effective and cohesive essay on any one of the following :
i) Women’s reservation bill.
ii) Consumer Rights Awareness in India.
iii) The social responsibilities of a lawyer. [10]
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