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2010 Question Paper,Diploma in Cyber Laws (Paper – III),INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
Diploma in Cyber Laws Examination, 2010
(Paper – III)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 100
 Instructions : a) Attempt any five questions.
b) All questions carry equal marks.
1. Define electronic records. State and explain ‘Attribution, Acknowledgement and
Dispatch’ of electronic records.
2. Discuss the Powers and Functions of various authorities under the Information
Technology Act, 2000.
3. What do you understand by Digital Signature ? Discuss the use of Digital Signature
in e-governance.
4. Explain the following :
a) Liability of Network Service Providers
b) Computer Fraud.
5. Discuss the provisions relating to Digital Signature Certificate under the I.T. Act, 2000.
6. Explain :
a) Duties of Subscribers.
b) Damage to computer or computer system.
7. Discuss the offences and penalties under the Information Technology Act, 2000.
8. Attempt the following :
a) Publication of obscene information
b) Tampering with computer source documents.
9. Write short notes on :
a) Hacking/Cracking
b) Use and abuse of e-mail
c) Web caching
d) Theft of information.
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