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B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies) (Semester – II),CATERING SCIENCE – II,2014 Question Paper,University Of Pune Question Paper

University Of Pune Question Paper
B.Sc. (Hospitality Studies) (Semester – II) Examination, 2014
(2008 Pattern)
Time : 3 Hours Max. Marks : 70
Instructions : 1) Q.No. 1 is compulsory.
2) Attempt any four more questions from Q.No. 2 to Q.No. 7.
1. Define the terms (any 5) : (5×2=10)
i) Food
ii) Empty calories
iii) Dehydration
iv) Vitamins
v) Health
vi) Balanced diet.
2. A) Match the following contents from Column ‘A’ with the contents from Column ‘B’ : 10
 Column ‘A’ Column ‘B’
1) Salt and sugar a) Formation of Haemoglobin
2) Carotene b) Meat and poultry
3) Iodine c) Sunlight
4) Food source of complete protein d) Riboflavin
5) Iron e) Cereals and pulses
6) Source of Vitamin D f) Precursor of Vitamin A
7) Pulpy part of Orange g) Fat soluble vitamin
8) Margarine h) Prevents dehydration
9) Vitamin B i) Edible portion of food
10) Ariboflavinosis j) Water soluble vitamin
k) Goitre
l) hydrogenated fat
B) Explain ‘Basic five food groups’ with suitable examples. 5
3. A) Explain the effect of heat on fat. Give any three points of differences between Animal fat
and vegetable fat. 5
B) Mention any four dietary sources of water. Explain the concept of water balance in body. 5
C) Plan a balanced day’s diet for an office executive aged 45 years who prefers non-vegetarian
food. 5
4. A) Explain any three functions of proteins in the diet. Name any two protein deficiency
diseases. 5
B) Explain the term ‘Cholesterol’. Give any four food sources rich in cholesterol. 5
C) Explain ‘Calcium’ on the basis of :
i) Four good food sources 2
ii) Two important functions 2
iii) One deficiency disease. 1
5. A) Explain any five ways to preserve nutrients while cooking food. 5
B) A glass of strawberry milkshake provides approximately 260 Kcal of energy. It provides
6 gms proteins and 4 gms of fat. Calculate the amount of Carbohydrate present in a glass
of strawberry milkshake. 5
C) Classify Carbohydrates with suitable examples. 5
Classify Minerals with suitable examples.
6. A) Explain the concept of supplementary value of protein with suitable examples. 5
B) Explain the ill-effects of excess consumption of fat in the diet. Explain any two ways to
prevent rancidity of oil. 5
C) List the ten essential amino acids needed for a child. 5
Explain the importance of avoiding junk food.
7. A) Mention any two foods to be recommended and two foods to be avoided for the following : 10
1) Fever and infection.
2) Diabetes Mellitus.
3) Diarrhoea.
4) Heart related diseases.
5) Jaundice.
B) Explain any one importance and give three good food sources for each : 5
1) Dietary fibre
2) Sodium chloride.

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