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2013 Question Paper,F. Y. B. Com.,University Of Pune Question Paper,ADDITIONAL ENGLISH

University Of Pune Question Paper
F. Y. B. Com. Examination - 2013
(New 2008 Pattern)
Text Prescribed : The Joy of Reading Literature
Time : 3 Hours] [Max. Marks : 80
Instructions :
(1) All questions are compulsory.
(2) Figures to the right indicate full marks.
Q.1) (A) Read the paragraph carefully and find the single words for each
of the phrases given below : (Any Four) [04]
The place was deserted by the time the astrologer picked up
his articles and put them into his bag. The green shaft was also
gone, leaving the place in darkness and silence. The stranger had
gone off into the night, after giving the astrologer a handful of
(a) Left empty / left completely
(b) One who foretells
(c) Particular things or objects
(d) A bean of light coming through an opening
(e) Person who is unfamiliar
(B) Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions : (Any Four) [04]
(a) The gardener sprinkled water __________ the rosebush.
(b) The floor in the hall was covered __________ a carpet.
(c) There is a big tree __________ front of this room.
(d) If you are not clear about the meaning __________ this
word, consult the dictionary.
(e) I must go and search __________ her.
(C) Add suffixes to the following words : (Any Four) [04]
(a) block
(b) serve
(c) employ
(d) perform
(e) renew
(D) Change the voice : (Any Four) [04]
(a) I wrote something on the cheque.
(b) He gave me a fifty dollar bill.
(c) The very sight of him rattled me.
(d) This gentleman is opening an account.
(e) The accountant fetched the manager.
Q.2) Answer any one of the following in detail : [16]
(a) Describe the ‘Parade’ that Banu led.
(b) Comment on the title of the story ‘The Gift of the Magi’.
[4369]-120 2 Contd.
Q.3) Answer any one of the following in detail : [16]
(a) How does ‘Success is Counted Sweetest’ make a case for the
defeated human being ?
(b) Comment on the theme of ‘Sonnet 29’.
Q.4) Answer any two of the following in short : [16]
(a) What made the narrator nervous in a bank ?
(b) Describe Gopal’s reaction to the snowfall.
(c) What are Nehru’s views about the citizens of India ?
(d) How were Patricia and Paul able to get a table of Hotel Stefani ?
Q.5) Answer any two of the following in short : [16]
(a) Where does Tagore want God to lead the mind ?
(b) Describe the different types of bangles which the bangle sellers
(c) Comment on the nature imagery in the poem “The World is Too
much with US”.
(d) Describe a conflict in the mind of the narrator in “Stopping by
Woods on a Snowy Evening”.
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