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IT6501 – GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA Anna Univ Chennai Oct 2015 Model Question Paper

Looking for Model Question Paper of IT6501 – GRAPHICS AND MULTIMEDIA B.Tech IT Anna University ? Get 02 model question paper for this subject below.

Anna University Chennai
Department of Information Technology
Year of Course: III
Semester: V
Time: 3 hours
Total Marks: 100

 PART – A (10 x 2 =20 marks)
1. What is asymmetric application? Give an example.
2. Give two examples for each, for lossless and lossy compression standards.
3. What is disk spanning?
4. What is VIM stands for?
5. What is the contrast between multimedia and hypermedia?
6. What is task based multilevel networking?
7. What is entropy encoding?
8. List the essential steps needed for designing a good hypermedia system.
9. Brief on the phrases of authoring system.
10. What are the ways to perform image annotation?

PART – B (5 x 16 =80 marks)
1. (i) Explain in detail about IMA architectural framework.[8]
(ii) Discuss about Image processing and image recognition.[8]
2. (i) Discuss about hypermedia documents.[8]
(ii) Explain in detail about Multimedia database.[8]
3. Explain in detail about various animation and special effects in 3 dimensions.
4. Discuss in detail about Digital Video Interactive (DVI) with suitable diagrams.
5. Explain how video data is stored and retrieved.
6. Explain the audio visual integration strategies in multimedia system.
7. Explain the multimedia authoring and user interface tools commonly used.
8. Explain the major featuristic functions of distributed multimedia systems.
9. (i). Write short notes on Hypermedia messaging(8)
(ii). what are the components of a Hypermedia message? Explain. (8)
10. (i). Discuss about Mobile messaging.(8)
(ii). Explain integrated document management in multimedia.(8)

Another Model Question:

Year/Sem : III/V Hours: 3hrs Total Marks: 100
 PART – A (10 X 2 =20 marks)
1. List out the three types of chunks used in RIFF.
2. Define Premixing.
3. What is the difference between an interlaced and a noninterlaced monitor?
4. What do you know about the SCSI-2 standard?
5. What are the standard types of multimedia object servers?
6. What are high definition systems?
7. What is speech synthesis?
8. Compare distributed systems with multimedia systems.
9. State the need for integrated document management.
10. What is HTTP and HTML?

PART – B (5 x 16 =80 marks)
1. Explain different file formats used in multimedia.
2. Discuss any four multimedia applications in detail.
3. What are the types of compression available in multimedia? Explain any two types of compression
4. Explain the specification, structure and tags of TIFF.
5. Explain the architecture of TWAIN. Also give it specification objectives.
6. (i). Differentiate tiff fill structure from riff fill structure[8]
(ii). Explain CCITT H.261video coding algorithm.[8]
7. Describe the design approaches, issues, and types of authoring tools, with neat diagrams wherever diagrams.
8. (i). What comprises the hypermedia messaging?
Explain briefly each of the components.[8]
(ii). Explain integrated document management systems.[8]
9. (i). Analyze the object server architecture used in a distributed multimedia system.[8]
(ii). Write notes on any two popular metaphors for User Interface design with examples for each of them.[8]
10. (i). Discuss about Mobile messaging [8]
(ii). Explain hypermedia linking and embedding. [8]

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