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EE2032 High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Nov Dec 2015 Important Questions

EE2032 High Voltage Direct Current Transmission Important Questions 2015 are given below. Those who are interested in downloading this question paper make use of these important questions. The exam of EE2032 High Voltage Direct Current Transmission commences from Nov 2015 by Anna University Chennai. Get more details below.

Anna University Chennai
Department of B.E EEE
Eight Semester
EE2032 High Voltage Direct Current Transmission
November / December 2015 Exam Important Questions
(Regulation 2008)

1. With neat schematic diagrams discuss the DC transmission system in detail. (16)

2. Discuss the modern trends in DC transmission. Also describe the steps involved in planning the HVDC transmission system. (16)

3. Compare AC and DC transmission based on Mr technical performance. (16)

4. For a fixed power transmission explain how the economic choice of voltage level selected in do transmission system (16)

5. For a 3 phase 6 pulse gratez’s circuit draw the timing diagram considering overlap angle is less than 60 degree and without overlap for the following
a) Voltage across load
b) Voltage across any two pair of conduction valves

6. Analyze three and four valve conduction mode of converter using the Gratez circuit. (16)

7. With a neat diagram and waveforms explain the 6~pulse Gratez's circuit (16)

8. (i) Discuss about the selection of converters for any HVDC system. (8)
(ii) Draw and explain the characteristics of a twelve pulse converter. (8)

9. Why regulation is required in any HVDC system? Discuss in detail about the inverter side current regulators used in HVDC systems. (16)

10. Explain the equidistant pulse firing scheme with their variations using neat sketch. (16)

11. Explain the starting and stopping operations of DC link (16)

12. With the block diagram, discuss the principle of operation of a basic power control

13. Explain in detail about different types of transformer tap changing.

14. How characteristic and non-characteristic harmonics can be generated? Give the calculation of AC harmonics and DC voltage harmonics. (16)

15. Derive an equation for harmonic voltage and current for single tuned filter and discuss the influence of network admittance on design aspects. (16)

16. What are the filter configurations that are employed for HVDC converter station? Give design aspect of one such filter. (16)

17. Explain the modelling of HVDC systems for digital dynamic simulation. (16)

18. (i) What are the advantages of parity simulator? (6)
(ii) What are the advantages and disadvantages of digital simulation (10)

19. Describe the Physical phenomenon arising in DC insulation. (16)

20. Explain the Dielectric stress in cables.

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