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Dibrugarh University Mammalian Physiology and Endocrinology 2012 Question Paper

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Question Paper University : Dibrugarh University
Question Paper Course : MBA
Year of Study : III, 03, Third
Question Papers : 2012 Question Paper
Subject : Mammalian Physiology and Endocrinology
Paper Code : 30200

Download details of Question Paper Content Type : Texts
Number of Pages in Download of Question Papers : 01

Dibrugarh University
Paper: 30200
Mammalian Physiology and Endocrinology [Full marks 81]
Group A: Mammalian physiology [marks 54]
Ans Q1 and any three from the rest

1.(a) Fill in the blanks: [1*5]
i. Salivary amylase converts starch into______
ii. The distance from Z line to Z line of a myofilament is called _____
iii. In human body , major fraction of CO2 is transported as _____
iv. Ammonia is converted into urea through _____ cycle in the ____
v. Axon releases _____ at the synapse which sets up a new impulse in the dendrites.

(b) Rewrite the following [1*4]
i. When no antigen is present in RBC, it is called blood group AB/O/A.
ii. In mammal, afferent arteriole/renal vein/ renal portal vein takes away blood from kidneys.
iii. Reflex action in the body is controlled by central nervous system/ sympathetic nervous system/motor nerves.
iv. Drug which induces dreamy state of consciousness is stimulant/sedative/hallucinogen.

2. What do you mean by digestion? Describe digestion and absorption of carbohydrates in human being. [2+8+5]

3. What is respiratory pigment? Discuss how O2 and Co2 are transported by blood. What is RQ?[2+10+3]

4. Write short notes on:[5*3]
a. Cardiac cycle
b. Antigen-antibody reaction
c. Sliding filament hypothesis of muscle contraction.

5. Define drug addiction. Name the four categories of drugs. What are the reasons for drug addiction in adolescents? Explain the physiological effects of drug addiction in human body.[2+4+4+5]

Group B Endocrinology [Marks:27]
Answer Q6 and any one from the rest

6.(a) Fill in the blanks [1*5]
i. The specific hormone can be recognized by a target cell by ___present on its surface or in its cytoplasm.
ii. Hyposecretion of ____ hormone is responsible for cretinism.
iii. The reabsorption of water in the kidney is under the control of ___hormone.
iv. the hormone progesteone is secreted by ____of ovary.
v. The secretory activities of endocrine glands are modulated by ____feedback.

(B) Distinguish between: [2*3]
i. Hypoglycemia and Hypergylycemia
ii. Hormone and Enzyme.
iii. Luteotropic hormone and Leutenizing hormone

7. Draw the histological structure of adrenal gland. Discuss in details the functions of hormones of adrenal cortex. [4+12]

8. What is gonadotropic hormone? Explain the functions of hormones which are related to pregnancy and lactation. [2+7+7]

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