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DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM BBA Kerala University 2014 Question Paper

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BBA Kerala University Question Papers, Model Question Papers, Sample Question Papers and Previous Years Question Papers - BBA KU 03rd Semester DECISION SUPPORT SYSTEM  Oct 2014 Question Paper is now available to download:-

University : Kerala University
Course : BBA
Semester : III
Question Paper Code : 06.205
Year of Exam Conduct : Oct 2014

Kerala University Previous Years Question Papers
Third Semester BBA Degree Examination, October 2014 (2006 Admn.)
Time : 3 Hours
Max. Marks : 100

Answer all questions. Each carries 4 marks. [10 x 4 = 40 Marks]

1. What is data model? What are the classifications of data models?

2. What is DML? Give example.

3. Differentiate between weak and strong entity with an example.

4. What are the fundamental operations in relational algebra? Give example.

5. How is a relation defined in SQL? Give an example.

6. Define 3 NF with the help of an example.

7. Explain the use of views.

8. What are the properties of transaction?

9. Explain the different locking methods.

10. What is the difference between data security and integrity?

Answer any two questions from each Module. Each question carries equal marks. [6 x 10 = 60 Marks]

Module I

(a) Differentiate between B tree and B+ tree with an example.
(b) Example various classifications of database users.

12. (a) Construct the E-R diagram to represent a super market with the following entities:
i) customer
ii) product
iii) bill
iv) stock
v) purchase
(b) Explain briefly the three levels of architecture of DBMS.

13. (a) Explain the distinction among the terms primary key, candidate key and super key with example.
(b) Explain the reduction of an E-R schema to tables considering the example of an examination database.

Module II

(a) Write down the following queries in SQL. A database consists of tables Book (bno, btitle, ano, price, dno) Author (ano, aname, address) Dept (dno, dname)

i) How many books are there in Mathematics department?
ii) Who is the author of 'Database System Concept'?
iii) Which is the costly book?
iv) How many books are written by 'Korth'?

(b) Explain the entity rules in relational model with the help of an example.

(a) A table with the following field was created for billing of customers in a hotel. Customer's name, address, date of arrival, room number, room type, room rent, number of local calls made, date of call, rate per calls (for each date), cloths given for laundry, date, charge per cloth(for each date).
What is wrong with this design? Identify errors and correct the design using normalization process.
(b) Differentiate between GRANT and REVOKE.

16. (a) What is dependency preservation property of decomposition? Why is it important?
(b) Explain multi value dependencies and 4NF. Give example.

Module III

17. (a) Explain how a transaction is managed in SQL.
(b) Explain the difference between serial schedule and serializable schedule.

18. (a) Assume that the Airline reservation system is implemented using RDBMS. What concurrency control measures would you take in order to avoid concurrency related problems in the above system? Also suggest two measures to avoid deadlock in this systems.
(b) Explain time stamp ordering protocol with an example.

19. (a) Explain the concept of distributed database. Give an example.

(b) How check points help in database recovery?

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