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BCA 260-Computer Networks Annamalai University 2014 Question Paper

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BCA Annamalai University Question Papers, Model Question Papers, Sample Question Papers and Previous Years Question Papers BCA AU II Year Computer Networks December 2014 Question Paper Free Download

University : Annamalai University
Course : BCA Administration
Paper Name : Computer Networks
Year of Study : 02, Second, II
Question Paper Code : 5958
Year of Exam Conduct :  Dec 2014

Annamalai University Question Papers
Total No. of Pages: 1
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Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks

SECTION-A (8×5=40)
Answer any EIGHT questions

1. What do you mean by Network? Explain its categories.
2. Explain the importance of Wireless Network.
3. Discuss briefly about the design factors of Transmission media.
4. Write short notes on Network Operating System(NOS).
5. Define Internetworking. Why it is needed?
6. What are the important functions of Network layer? Discuss briefly.
7. Discuss the important functions and problems encountered in a bridge.
8. What is meant by Firewall? Explain its importance.
9. Why Switching is needed? Discuss briefly.
10. Discuss the different types of channels that are used in ISDN.

SECTION-B (3×20=60)
Answer any THREE questions

11. Explain the network design issues involved in designing a typical network and what are the supporting design tools available to make this design as a good design?
12. Discuss in detail about any three transmission media with neat sketch.
13. Describe the ISO/OSI reference model of computer network and the services provided by the layers with neat diagram.
14. Give a detailed note on various types of Switches with neat sketch.
15. Explain the following:
a) Packet Switching (5)
b) Circuit Switching (5)
c) ISDN Architecture (10)

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