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310-Client Server Technology AU BCA December 2014 Question Paper

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Annamalai University Model Question Papers, Old Question Papers and Previous Years Question Papers:-
Third Year
310 - Client Server Technology Question Paper Dec 2014
Time: 3 hours
Maximum :100 Marks

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Annamalai University Previous Year 2014 Question Paper
Time: Three hours Maximum: 100 marks
SECTION-A (8×5=40)
Answer any EIGHT questions

1. How Client/Server computing environment is different from Mainframe based computing environment?
2. Explain the various way s to improve the performance of Client/Server computing.
3. What is the role of Client in Client/Server environment ? Discuss.
4. Why OLE is needed? Explain its importance.
5. Write short notes on Novell Netware.
6. List and explain the various elements of Distributed Computing Environment.
7. Which layers in OSI model are user support layers? Explain.
8. Define IPC. Explain the essential services provided by IPC.
9. Discuss the importance of Help desk in Client/Server environment.
10. Why Network Management is needed? Explain.

SECTION-B (3×20=60)
Answer any THREE questions

11. Describe how you will reduce the Network traffic. Justify your answer.
12. Explain briefly about the role of client in Client/ Server environment.
13. Discuss in detail about UNIX architecture with neat sketch.
14. Describe the OSI model and the services provided by the layers with neat sketch.
15. Compare and contrast System administrator and Database administrator training with suitable illustrations. 
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