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Dec 2010 BE SHSX1001 English for Science & Technology Sathyabama University

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(Established under section 3 of UGC Act, 1956)

Course & Branch: B.E/B.Tech-CSE/IT/ECE/EEE/E&C/EIE/ETCE
Title of the Paper: English for Science & Technology Max. Marks: 80
Sub. Code: SHSX1001                                                  Time: 3 Hours
Date: 18/12/2010                                                           Session: FN

PART - A                (10 X 2 = 20)
Answer ALL the Questions
1.     Add suitable prefixes to the following words and frame negatives
        (a) legal           (b) equality     (c) literate       (d) regular.

2.     Write a single sentence definition for each of the following:
        (a) accelerator         (b) dynamo

3.     Correct the subject verb agreement in the following sentences:
(a) The variety of Internet newsgroups provide something for every one.
(b) Those who ‘surf’ the web is growing in number every day.

4.     Complete the following sentences which make certain conditions:
        (a) If you had studied hard, _______________________
        (b) ___________________, you will fall.

5.     Correct the English in the following passage:
Oil, the major source of energy in the world, have had a dramatic effect in the worlds economy. Until quiet recently, the demand for oil, seems unlimited. This enormous demand motivated several multi-national companies to invest in locations of large deposits.

6.     Fill in the blanks with correct forms of the verbs given in brackets:
        Computer __________ (become) so indispensable today. Everyone _________ (think) that computer skills _______ (be) very essential for any job, So every year thousands of students __________ (join) many institutes offering computer education.

7.     Change the following into indirect speech.
                The customer said to the mechanic, “Is my car ready now?”

8.     Identify the meaning of any two of the following pairs of words and make use of them in sentences of your own:
                meat          meet   need   knead  viper  wiper  sweet   sweat

9.     Add suitable question tags.
        He is rich, ___________________?
        She does not like sweets, ___________?

10.   Fill in the blanks with suitable modal auxiliaries.
                (a) He said that he __________ swim across the river.
                (b) __________ God bless you!

PART – B                       (5 x 12 = 60)
Answer All the Questions

11.   Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:
        Since 1945, 2051 nuclear tests have been conducted all over the world. Of these, 528 have been in the atmosphere, under water or in space. The rest were underground tests. The international awareness of the dangers of radioactive effects from the atmospheric tests came with the 1954 “Bravo” thermonuclear test conducted by the U.S. All 23 crewmembers of the Japanese fishing boat named “Lucky Dragon” that was fishing about 160 km away from the test location, were irradiated. Several fell sick and died, creating anger in the minds of the people.

        The effect of atmospheric testing were both local and global. Local effects in regions near testing sites led to relatively large doses of irradiation. For example, in 1996, the U.S National Cancer Institute estimated that about 10,000 to 75,000 U.S citizens would be affected with thyroid cancer just from iodine – 13 from atmospheric tests. About 10,000 to 40,000 inhabitants of the area adjacent to the testing site in Kazakhstan were exposed to an average dose of 160 rods.

        In response to wide spread public concern about the health affects of radioactive fall out from atmospheric testing a large number of countries signed the Limited Test Ban Treaty in 1963. The Treaty prohibited all but underground nuclear tests. Since then most nuclear tests have been conducted underground. Nuclear establishments the world over have tried to convince their citizens and others that this possessed no risks top their health. Even from the limited amount of data that is available, it is clear that this not true.
        They hide their truths regarding the data on health and environment effects of nuclear weapons testing. Nuclear weapons are secretive about every thing. But the, absence of such information led to ignorance of the terrific danger involved in nuclear testing.
        In the case of underground testing, there are further problems. Scientific models for predicting the spread of radioactive contamination are at their early stages. The observed rate of plutonium migration, for example, is much larger than what has been previously predicted. Under such circumstances, it is best to adopt the cautionary principle that can be reasonably expected and apply appropriate remedies, for the good of one and all.

(i)    Read the text and say whether the statements are True or    False:
(a) Nuclear tests, even when conducted underground, post risks to our health.
(b) The ‘Bravo’ nuclear test did not prove to be harmful.
(c) The Limited Test Ban Treaty was signed by a small number of countries.
(d) The ‘Lucky Dragon’ incident caused the death of 22 members of a Japanese fishing crew.

(ii) Choose the appropriate meaning of words as they are used in the text.
        (A) Afflicted
                (1) affected    (2) died    (3) felt sickened   (4) excited
        (B) Estimated
                (1) Calculated (2) speculated (3) found out (4) finished
        (C) Concern
                (1) consideration (2) anxiety (3) industry (4) related
        (D) Predicting
                (1) warming (2) forecasting  (3) considering (4) editing
        (iii) Read the following passage and make notes:
Matter may exist as a solid, or gas depending on its energy. Gases and vapors are high-energy states of matter; they flow to take the shape and to occupy the total volume of any container. When gas loses sufficient energy (in the form of heat or by doing work) it is considered to be a liquid. Liquids are able to flow, but they are virtually incompressible. Matter that flows (that is, gas or liquid) is called a fluid. Liquid molecules are able to move and they flow past each other, but their motion is much slower than that of gases.
Solids are the lowest energy states of matter. The usually possess rigid structures, they do not flow and they are relatively difficult to compress. The atoms in a solid cannot move from one form to another, but they do vibrate about fixed positions in the structure. These vibrations are due to thermal energy.
When a solid is heated, the magnitude of these thermal vibrations j increases until they ‘shake apart’ the solid structure and the solid melts, becoming liquid. If heat is applied to the liquid, molecules increase their energy, and evidently have sufficient to escape through the liquid surface, where they escape.
Some molecules escape from a liquid even at temperatures below the boiling point, because one molecule may obtain energy from several others, so that its energy is sufficient to enable it to escape through the surface. This process is called evaporation, and since it leaves the other molecules with less average energy, the remaining liquid is cooled.

Read the following passage and summarise to one third of its size:
        Nature is our mother, She offers us all facilities to lead a comfortable and peaceful life. She brings us rain. She feeds the human beings who are her children. The plants, trees, brushes and the grains we grow all belong to nature. Yet man is not grateful to nature. He pollutes the surroundings and brings destruction to himself.
        Environmental pollution may be of three kinds. They are air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Air pollution is caused by factories which emerge smoke and fumes. They mix with the pure air and pollute it. Air pollution is also caused by fumes from the exhaust pipes of vehicles. It is also caused by all kinds of refuse such as dust bin refuse, lavatory refuse and washing up refuse. When we breathe and pollute air, our lungs are affected by diseases.
        Water pollution is contaminating water resources. Factory wastes and gutter water are allowed to flow into rivers. These waste also get collected in ponds. They pollute the surrounding. Contaminated water causes many diseases. Cholera is the first among them, Stagnant water breeds mosquitoes, it results in malaria.
        Noise pollution is caused by vehicles and the horn. Some factories also disturb the peaceful atmosphere around. Loud speakers are the worst pollutants in this regard. They spoil the entire atmosphere.
        Man cuts and fells trees without any limit. This causes imbalance on the surface of the earth. This results in lack of rain and soil erosion. We must protect trees. Let us keep our surroundings clean and lead a healthy and happier life.

12.   (a) Observe the following graphics which depicts the result of a survey on the choice of novels of a hundred readers. Write a paragraph using the hints given here.
Choice of Novels
Types of Novels
No.of people
Convert – I
        Represent the following by means of a flow chart
                Silver occurs in the ores of several metals. The froth process of extracting silver accounts for about 75 percent of silver recovered. Here the ore is ground to powder, placed in large vats containing water suspension of froth agents and thoroughly agitated by jets of air. Depending on the agent used either the silver bearing ore or the gangue adhering to the bubbles of the froth is skimmed off and washed. The final refining is done using Electrolysis. Represent this process by means of a flow chart.
13.   (a) Write a letter to the editor of a leading English newspaper about the suffering of office-goers and school children who use the public transport.
Write a letter to Ashok Leyland Chennai asking for practical training. Assume yourself as a student of Mechanical Engineering.

14.   Rearrange the jumbled sentences.
(i) As a result, drinking and bathing water are usually dirty and this causes diseases such as dysentery, typhoid and hepatitis , as well as skin and eye diseases.
(ii) Secondly, houses are often overcrowded and have poor air circulation.
(iii) This would make drinking water safe and reduce infections.
(iv) There are numerous health problems in shanty towns.
(v) Thirdly, there are no drains and sewers or rubbish collection services.
(vi) The government could do a lot to solve this problems.
(vii) The resulting pools of stagnant water and heaps of household wastes attract rats and insects, which can pass on diseases.
(viii) Firstly, because of the sites are illegal and the government does not provide piped water.
(ix) In addition, the authorities could provide householders with building materials to improve their conditions and educate them about the importance of ventilation.
(x) This makes it easier to catch diseases like flu, TB and diphtheria where infection enters through the throat.
14    (b) Correct the mistakes in the following sentences.
Forging is a working proces by which metals is pressed are hamered into the desired shapes. It is one of the kinds of metal working operasions performed by blakesmiths in ancient times. Cold forging add considerable strenth.

15.   (a) Write a project report to Johnson and Johnson Company, Chennai a project proposal for the establishment of a hair oil company in Madurai.
(b) Imagine that you have to go to New Delhi to appear for an interview. Make a checklist of ten with a proper title for your reference.

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