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How to write a survey report on the reading habits

Write a survey report on the reading habits of engineering students for submission to your college principal. Also give a set of recommendations for enhancing the reading habits of technical students.

Answer :

Date: 10.12.2013

The Principal
College Name

Respected Sir,

Sub : Survey Report on Reading Habits

After school or at leisure, the activities that students do most are “watching television, videos, VCDs, playing computer games, listening to music, songs, radio, chatting with friends”. The results on the
percentages of students spending 2 hours or more per week on reading books, newspapers and electronic information show that more students read books at lower levels whilst at higher levels, more students read electronic information. The topics that students read most in newspapers and on the computer is similar, namely “Entertainment”, “Computer, Information Technology”. The types of books that students read most are “Stories”, “Jokes / Humours”. It is apparent that the types of books that students prefer are for entertainment and leisure and not mostly for intellectual enhancement. The percentage of students spending 2 hours or more per week on reading books is higher if their parents go to public libraries with them “every week or every month” compared with “less than a month or never”.

Students possessing books at home usually spend more time on reading books compared with those with few or none. The results on the percentages of students borrowing books once 2 weeks or more frequently from the school or public libraries show that a higher percentage of students borrow books from the school libraries than public libraries though the latter provide more books for them to choose from. Recommendations for enhancing reading habits :

- A book must be carried always.

- Television / Internet must be reduced.

- Reading hour or Reading day should be planned.

- Used book shops should also be preferred.

- A quiet place should be preferred.

- A goal should be set before entering into action.

- A regularity in reading books must be maintained.

E-Books are lot lighter than an average book so they must be given more preference.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Dharmeshwaran R.
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