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CIM 7th Semester Anna University Unit 1 and 2 [2marks and 16 marks] Question Bank

Concept of CAD as drafting and designing facility, desirable features of CAD package, drawing features in CAD – Scaling, rotation, translation, editing, dimensioning, labeling, Zoom, pan, redraw and regenerate, typical CAD command structure, wire frame modeling, surface modeling and solid modeling (concepts only) in relation to popular CAD packages.

2 marks questions:
1. What is scaling transformation?
2. Differentiate between reflection and scaling transformation
3. What is meant by Geometry and Topology
4. Mention any four rules of Dimensioning
5. What is labelling?
6. What is the function of a Zoom command?

7. What do you mean by regenerate in CAD?
8. Differentiate between wire frame modelling and surface modelling
9. What is solid modelling
10. List any four advantages of CAD?

16 marks questions:
1. Explain the following types of transformations with examples
           (i) Translation (ii) Scaling (iii) Rotation
2. Discuss the concept of CSG techniques of Solid Modelling
3. Write short notes on 3D Scaling and 3D shearing geometric transformation
4.  Explain the different drawing features in CAD packages
5. Explain the concept of wire frame modelling, surface and solid modelling with suitable sketches
6. List various CAD packages and explain the characteristics of each package.

CIM as a concept and a technology, CASA/SME model of CIM, CIM II, benefits of CIM, communication matrix in CIM, fundamentals of computer communication in CIM – CIM data transmission methods – seriel, parallel, asynchronous, synchronous, modulation, demodulation, simplex and duplex. Types of communication in CIM – point to point (PTP), star and multiplexing. Computer networking in CIM – the seven layer OSI model, LAN model, MAP model, network topologies – star, ring and bus, advantages of networks in CIM

2 marks questions:
1. What is CIM?
2. What are the main elements of a CIM system?
3. Name any four activities of a manufacturing plant which can be carried out through computer control.
4. What is the role of CIM in manufacturing?
5. Define Islands of automation.
6. How the manufacturing industries can be grouped?
7. Define: Product development cycle.
8. Define electronic data interchange.
9. What is manufacturing automation protocol?
10. What is production planning?
11. What is meant by physical distribution?
12. What are plant operations?
13. Differentiate between modulation and demodulation
14. Differentiate automation and CIM
15. Differentiate between LAN and WAN
16. Mention Some Benefits of CIM

16 marks questions:
1. Briefly explain the nature and role of the elements of CIM system.
2. Describe the basic activities that must be carried out in a factory to convert raw materials into finished product.
3. Describe the need for CIM and issues addressed by CIM.
4. Discuss the stages in the product development cycle and the importance of each stage.
5. What do you understand by term islands of automation? List and explain any six islands of automation.
6. Explain the CIM Wheel with neat sketch
7. What is a communication matrix? Explain it in detail
8. Explain the data transmission methods in CIM
9. What is CIM II? Explain its benefits.
10. Explain the seven layer OSI model introduced by ISO
11. What is topology? Explain its different types
12. Briefly about the MAP model in CIM

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