Monday, July 14, 2014

2nd 4th 6th Sem Anna Univ Results 2014 April May Declared for UG and PG courses

Anna University Results has been declared at the official website and The results announced are for second, fourth and sixth semester B.E/B.Tech and PG examinations. This even semester examination results are published after one day delay. Previously it had to be published on 13th July 2014. But due to some technical error, the results were not able to publish on the said date by Anna University. However, Anna University rectified the technical issues quickly and announced the results on 14th July 2014 around 01:45 am (in the early morning). The results announcement got viral and spread among the students immediately. The students are eagerly checking their results of Anna University without sleep. So anna university coe students portals got crowded and slow down the results display. Many of the students were not able to check their semester results due to the huge traffic. So students may try to find alternate way to check their results. But no external websites are not involved in the results publishing this time except the rejinpaul server which is also very slow. Then how to check their results? Is there any possibilities? Hardly, there is a possibility to check the Anna university results quickly. That is, to use the cached version of Anna university coe portals. To get the cached version, search using the Anna University coe portal address in Google and move to a down arrow indicated under the search results. Click on it and select cached. This cached version is a screen shot of the coe websites by Google at particular interval. It is not a live version. If your results screen is taken by Google, you can see the Anna University results April may 2014 results. Otherwise NO. The results announcement details are available in the indiastudychannel website too. You can check out them at the following links.
1. Anna University UG PG Results of April May 2014 Exams
2. Know your subjects if you don't remember against the subject codes given in the results
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