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Thermodynamics for IC Engineering - IC1701 1st sem M.E syllabus for IC Engineering under Anna University, Chennai

Looking for syllabus of "Thermodynamics for IC Engineering" ? It belongs to first semester M.E IC Engineering under Anna University, Chennai. It's regulation 2013 curriculum and syllabus. Read on to get your required material for syllabus. 

IC7101              THERMODYNAMICS FOR IC ENGINEERING        L T P C        3 1 0 4

To enrich the knowledge of students in thermodynamics


  • To achieve an understanding of basic principle and scope of thermodynamics.
  • To predict the availability and irreversibility associated with the thermodynamic processes.
  • To analyse the properties of ideal and real gas mixtures and to understand the basic concepts of thermal systems

Thermodynamic Potentials, Maxwell relations, Generalised relations for changes in Entropy, Internal
Energy and Enthalpy, Generalised Relations for Cp and Cv, Clausius Clayperon Equation, Joule- Thomson Coefficient, Bridgeman Tables for Thermodynamic Relations.

Equations of State (mention three equations), Fugacity, Compressibility, Principle of Corresponding
States, Use of generalised charts for enthalpy and entropy departure, fugacity coefficient, Lee-Kesler
generalised three parameter tables. Fundamental property relations for systems of variable
composition, partial molar properties, Real gas mixtures, Ideal solution of real gases and liquids,
Equilibrium in multi-phase systems, Gibbs phase rule for non-reactive components.

UNIT III                          CHEMICAL AVAILABILITY                               9
Introduction, Reversible work, Availability, Irreversibility and Second-Law Efficiency for a closed
System and Steady-State Control Volume. Availability Analysis of Simple Cycles. Chemical
availability, Environmental state, Air-conditioning processes. Fuel Chemical availability, availability
analysis of chemical processes – steam power plant, combustion and heat transfer losses, preheated
inlet air, problems.

UNIT IV                  FUEL – AIR CYCLES AND THEIR ANALYSIS                    9
Ideal gas laws and properties of Mixtures, Combustion Stoichiometry, Application of First Law of
Thermodynamics – Heat of Reaction – Enthalpy of Formation – Adiabatic flame temperature. Second
law of Thermodynamics applied to combustion – entropy, maximum work and efficiency

UNIT V                       THERMO CHEMISTRY                       9
Chemical equilibrium: - Equilibrium combustion products. Dynamic properties of working fluids: - Unburned mixture – Low temperature combustion products – High temperature combustion products,

On successful completion of this course the student will be able to apply the law of
thermodynamics to thermal systems.

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