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Business Economics, B.Com first year, Bangalore University 2012 Question Paper

Bangalore University Model Sample Previous year old Question papers and Question Bank: B.Com 1st year Business Economics 2012:-

Looking for old question papers of Bangalore University ? Here is a question paper for B.Com first year for the subject Business Economics, asked in the year 2012 university exam.

I year B.Com Examination
(97-98 Scheme)
Business Economics
Time: 3 hours
Max. Marks: 100
Instruction: Answer should be written either in English or Kannada

Answer any eight of the following an about 4 lines each. Each question carries 2 marks (2 x 8 = 16)

1. a) How business economics is different from Economics ?
    b) What is consumer Surplus
    c) What are Giffen Goods
    d) What do you understand by balance of payment
    e) What is 'Dumping'?
    f) What is personnel income ?
    g) What are the motive of holding cash ?
    h) What are producer's goods ?
    i) What is demand forecasting ?
    j) State the law of demand.
    k) What is national income ?
    l) What do you mean by monopolistic competition ?

Answer any three questions not more than 30 lines each. Each question carries 8 marks. (8 x 3 = 24)

2. What is perfect competition ? What are its features ?
3. Explain the objectives of business economics
4. What is pricing policy ? Explain various considerations in pricing policy.
5. From the data given below, find trend values for each year using the method of least square and estimate the annual sales for the year 2012.
Years: 2007     2008      2009      2010       2011
Sales  :  100       120       140         160       175
(in lakhs)

6. What is BEF ? Calculate BEP and margin of safety from the following data:
Sales: 1000 units
Sales in Rs. 50,000/-
Total fixed costs Rs. 15,000/-
Total Variable costs Rs. 12,00/-

Answer any four questions. Each question carries 15 marks

7. Discuss the role and responsibilities of a business economist
8. What is price discrimination ? Explain various kinds of price discriminations and the essential conditions for it.
9. What is demand forecasting ? Explain different methods of demand forecasting.
10. Distinguish between balance of trade and balance of payment. Explain the measures of correcting adverse balance of payment.
11. What is business cycle ? Explain the important phases of business cycles.
12. What is public expenditure ? What are the causes of increase in public expenditure ?


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