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Alagappa Univerersity B.C.A Computer Application 4th Sem Operating Systems 2011 Question Paper

Computer Application / Computer Science Information Technology/Software
[Common for Computer Application / Computer Science/ Informational Technology / Software ]
(Non-CBCS—2004 onwards)
Time : 3 Hours Maximum : 100 Marks
Part A (10 × 1 = 10)
Answer all questions.
1. What is multiprocessing ?
2. What are the general categories of process State ?
3. What is Synchronous message ?
4. Define circular waiting.
5. Expand KMOS.
6. Write any two file attributes.
7. What is Polling ?
8. What is called digital signature ?
9. Define UMA.
10. What does the dump command in UNIX do ?
Part B (5 × 6 = 30)
Answer any five questions.
11. Write a note an batch Operating System ?
12. What are the process control block ?
13. Write short notes on fragmentation.
14. Discuss on synchronous and asynchronous message.
15. Write short notes on virtual memory.
16. Discuss on :
(a) Hypercube.
(b) Three dimensional topology.
17. What are the authentication ?
Part C (5 × 12 = 60)
Answer any five questions.
18. Explain the different views of the Operating systems.
19. Discuss on the various scheduler.
20. Write about the paging.
21. Explain the Semaphores.
22. Explain the following :
(a) Butter register.
(b) Command register
(c) Interrupt service routine.
23. Explain the RSA algorithm.
24. Discuss on the protection and access control.
25. Describe the PC-DOS operating system. 
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