Monday, August 28, 2017

TRB Mechanical Solved Question on Two Pelton Wheel

Are you preparing for TRB Polytechnic Lecturer Exam 2017 ? Want some solved questions for Mechanical Engineering? Here is a question which was asked in the previous year exam held in 2012. This question comes under the Syllabus of Fluid Mechanics and Machinery. The question is not widely available in the internet except few book results where only question is available. No answer can be found in the internet for the following question and thus we have come here with a solution which will give an idea for those who are preparing the TRB exam very seriously. Here is the question and its solution.

Question: Two Pelton wheels A and B have the same specific speed and are working under the same head. Wheel A produces 400 kW at 1000 rpm . If B produces 100 kW, then its speed is,
A) 4000 rpm B) 2000 rpm C) 1500 rpm D) 1250 rpm

The Solution in detail:
You will find the explanation for the answer below.

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