Monday, August 28, 2017

RPSC Assistant Drilling Engineer Exam 2016 Question Paper with Answer

Looking for RPSC Assistant Drilling Engineer Exam 2016 Question Paper with Answer? You will here find all questions with Answers in PDF format. Some sample questions from the original question paper file are provided in the beginning as below:
In casting process, which of the following cross section is preferred for runner?
1) Square
2) Rectangular
3) Trapezoidal
4) Circular
With increase in torch angle, flame density:­
1) Increases
2) Decreases
3) Remain constant
4) First increases then decreases
Cycle time of resistance welding consists of
1) Squeeze time, weld time, hold time & on time
2) On time, weld time , hold time & off time
3) On time, weld time & off time
4) Squeeze time, weld time, hold time & off time
Go gauge is made for _____ limit to inspect hole size .
1) Maximum material
2) Minimum material
3) Intermediate material
4) Optimum material

The method of classification of items to be adopted for spare parts inventory is :
1) ABC analysis
2) XYZ analysis
3) VED analysis
4) SDE analysis
In a transportation problem, there are four supply centers and five demand centers,The total quantity of supply available is greater than total demand . The number of allocations without degeneracy during an iteration is :
1) 3
2) 6
3) 9
4) 0

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