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Monday, December 5, 2016

RTMNU 5th Semester B.E Civil Fluid Mechanics-I 2016 Question Paper

RTM Nagpur University Question Paper
NTK/KS/16 - 7408
Fifth Semester B.E Examination (C.B.S)
Civil Engineering
Fluid Mechanics-I
Time: Three Hours
Maximum Marks: 80
Question Paper Year: Summer 2016

1. a) State Newton's laws of viscosity. How viscosity will be find out? 4
b) Explain :
i) Compressibility. ii) Capillary action. 4
c) Ten litres of a liquid of specific gravity 1.30 is mixed with a 6 litres of a liquid of specific gravity 0.80. If the bulk of the liquid shrinks by 1.5% on mixing, calculate the fluid properties. 5
2. a) Differentiate between:
i) Newtonian fluid and Non Newtonian fluid.
ii) Cohesion and adhesion.
iii) Dynamic viscosity & Kinematic viscosity.


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