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Saturday, December 10, 2016

Punjab University BA Experimental Psychology 2012 Question Paper

Punjab University BA Experimental Psychology Question Paper
BA Psychology
Paper – B- Experimental Psychology
Time: 3 Hours Max. Marks: 70

1) Attempt five questions in all. All questions carry equal marks.
2) Attempt one question from each unit.
3) Question no.1 is compulsory.
4) For private candidates, who have not been assessed earlier for the internal assessment, the marks secured by them in theory paper will proportionately be increased to maximum marks of the paper in lieu of internal assessment.
5) Candidates are allowed to use statistical tables and non programmable calculators.

Q.1) Attempt any sevenquestions (short answers): [Marks: 7x2=14]

(a) Stimulus Generalization
(b) Latent Learning
(c) Unconditional Stimulus
(d) Mnemonics
(e) Recall vs Recognition
(f) Short Term Memory
(g) Heuristics
(h) Convergent Thinking
(i) Creative Thinking
(j) Characteristics of NPC (any two)
(k) Parametric vs. Non parametric methods
(l) Hypothesis

Unit- 1
Q. 2) What is Reinforcement? Discuss Operant conditioning and support your answer with experimental evidence. [Marks 2+12]


Q3) Write notes on the following: [Marks 7+7]

(1) Maze learning
(2) Observational learning

Unit- 2

Q.4) What is Long Term Memory? Discuss the organization and processes of Long Term Memory. [Marks 3+11]

Q.5) What is Forgetting? Discuss the factors affecting forgetting in detail. [Marks 3+11]

Unit- 3

Q.6) What is Language? Discuss the role of language in thinking. [Marks 3+11]


Q.7) Define the process of thinking. Explain and differentiate the types of Reasoning. [Marks 3+11]

Unit- 4
Q. 8) From the following table, using chi square test, determine whether group A is really better than group B in a test: [Marks 14]

Above average Below average
Group A 31 19
Group B 24 26

Q. 9) In a test, distribution is Normal with a Mean of 100 and S.D. of 20. [Marks 7+7]

(a)What percent of scores lie between 85 and 125?
(b)The middle 60% of scores fall between what two points? 

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